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Title: The Full Four Seasons
Author: [personal profile] ravenclawsquill
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: 49,200 Approx.
Summary: Draco Malfoy just wants a quiet life. He has a successful business, a lovely wife, and a delightfully horrible circle of friends. He’s fine. Or, he was fine until Harry Potter thundered into his life with all the subtlety of a blast-ended skrewt and turned everything on its head. Now he’s beginning to wonder if ‘fine’ is enough, after all.
Content/Warning(s): Infidelity (Draco/Astoria)

This story is amazing. It's truly fantastic. Oh my god. It starts when this one day Draco goes to his favourite coffee shop to get his weekly 'proper' coffee and finds Harry tending the counter. Harry's left the wizarding world some five years before, so it's really a shock to see him out of the blue like that.

But Draco goes back to the coffee shop and though this time it isn't Harry making his coffee (and not as good as Harry either!), Harry is there and they start talking. At first is, you know, Potter and Malfoy, a bit awkward and stand-offish, but as time passes they strike an unlikely friendship, a genuine friendship to the point that Draco encourages Harry to come back to the wizarding word. He suggests that if he doesn't want to navigate the press and all that his coming back implies, he could hire a RP firm to help him with that (Parkinson Zabini). Harry, feeling he's ready to come back and come out – officially, agrees and sets to set up a charity Ascendio, to provide a safe place and support for young LBGT people.

But there's so much more than that. Draco is married to Astoria, who by the way is amazing, she's his best friend and she's smart and confident, and just wonderful all around, and Draco does love her, very dearly, but he's living in denial, denial who he is and who he wants and they both have all this pressure to start a family—and now that Harry's made his way into Draco's life, Draco is simply unable to keep denying who he is.

There are so many feelings, the denial, but in a way that gets to your soul and you understand Draco and where he's coming from, so much UST, just, there, all the time, in every amazing interaction Harry and Draco have, growing and simmering under the surface. Harry and Draco's characterisations are beautiful, but so are everybody's; Astoria, Pansy, Hermione. Slow burn, but not too slow.

I know people can be wary of infidelity fics, but this story is not about that, or not only about that, it's about coming to terms with who you are, about finally being honest to yourself and the people you love, about understanding and love. It's truly wonderful.
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Title: Entropy to Ecstasy
Author: [ profile] lumosed_quill
Rating: NC 17
Word Count: 4,100 Approx.
Summary: You don't even know the name for this thing you want to do to him. You don't even know that it has a name. All you know is that, one detention, you snap.
Content/Warning(s): brief, off-screen Harry/Ginny; brief infidelity (not between Draco and Harry); second person Draco pov.

The A/N in this story say: I loved getting to tell the story of Draco and Harry's relationship… through rimming! And it's that, basically.

But it's a lot more than that. God, it's beautifully written, I mean it. I know second person POV is not a lot of people's cup of tea, but do give this story a chance because there's some powerful writing. The way Draco wants Harry is delicious, there's so much intensity and passion every time. And of course, a gorgeous ending. :)
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Title: He's So Lucky (He's A Star)
Author: [ profile] digthewriter
Rating: R
Word Count: 21,500
Summary: Potter has everything he could ever ask for. The perfect life. Then why does he look so sad when no one else is looking? Except for Draco, because Draco’s always looking.
Content/Warning(s): First person point of view. Infidelity implied (not between Harry/Draco). In the closet-scenario. (more at the post)

This fic is just lovely. :) You see, Draco works as a photographer for The Oracle, a wizarding news publication, far more legit than the Prophet. He covers a series of events and investigations, but when it comes to Harry, he always looks pass what the eye sees. He sees Harry, apparently living a perfect, happy life, but Draco knows it's all for show, he sees the hints of sorrow and loneliness. And it's not until he discovers something very off about his marriage to Ginny that he finally approaches Harry.

Harry, realising Draco knows what's going on, opens up to him, tells him the truth about him and Ginny, about himself, and they start meeting, talking, being friends. But there's more than friendship, no matter how they try to pretend otherwise, their mutual attraction (and obsession!) cannot be ignored. Really, very sweet, the slow progress of their friendship until they admit it's more, lovely. ^^

There's no graphic sex on screen, but switching is very much implied.
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Title: And Hope Says, Perhaps Today
Author: [ profile] this_bloody_cat
Rating: NC 17
Word Count: 10,000 Approx.
Summary: It's for the best, Draco keeps telling himself — over and over like an endless mantra — but self-deception has never been that high on his list of coping techniques.
Content/Warning(s): Mpreg: Draco.

Man, there are so many feels in this fic. ^^

The story starts when Harry and Draco sleep together, and what was a one-off becomes a thing. But it's complicated, complicated because Harry has a girlfriend, and complicated because Draco gets pregnant (oh my god!) and he doesn't tell Harry. And then Harry finds out and they have a fight and Harry leaves, and then Draco leaves.

I'm not making justice to this fic, because the way Draco feels about Harry, and he feels when Harry finds out and acts and reacts is gorgeous and angsty, and it has such a beautiful ending. It's amazing.
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Title: Of Endings and Beginnings (Series)
Author: faviconSasuNarufan13
Rating: R
Word Count: 29,000 Approx.
Summary: Being the lover on the side was something Harry wasn't proud of, but he put up with it just so he could be with him. One discovery, however, turns his world upside down (first part summary).
Content/Warning(s): Mpreg, Infidelity

This is a series and while it was written in a different order, this is the chronological time line and the order I suggest you to read it for the series to make the best sense: A Wonky Start, Starting Over, Starting Again, Starting Anew.

It's a story about Harry and Draco having a secret relationship while Draco is still married to Astoria. Harry started feeling unwell and discovers he's pregnant. From them we see Draco getting divorced and living with Harry, having their baby girl and well, starting their new life together.

All but the first part (from Harry's POV) is written from Scorpius POV, and it's wonderful. He's a very quiet little boy, but he sees things, he see his dad being happy, he starts getting to know Harry, feeling a bit awkward around him, then loving his little sister and realising Harry is part of his family, all this happens while Astoria feels a lot of resentment towards Harry and Draco, but we see everybody coping really well, becoming a family. It's lovely.

I know it says the series isn't completed, but that just means the author might (and will according to A/Ns) visit this universe in the future and add a new part. But the story of H/D and Scorpius is quite completed, I assure you. :)
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Title: (The Piece) I was Missing All Along
Author: [ profile] lauren3210
Rating: NC 17
Word Count: 31,000 Approx.
Summary: Draco and Harry have been flatmates and best friends for years, and Draco thinks like is just perfect that way. But when something comes along and threatens to take all that away, Draco has to decide what it is he really wants, and just how hard he's going to work to get it.

This fic has so many FEELS. Oh yes, it does.

It starts with Harry and Draco becoming friends in their 8th year at Hogwarts. They get so close by the end, best friends, that they decide to share a flat afterwards. But you see, it's not just friends, they do everything together, but it seems Harry isn't completely happy, so he decides to go away for a while, a trip to America with Ron and Hermione and Ginny, and when he returns, he tells Draco he met someone and he's going to marry this other man.

And Draco, god, Draco doesn't know what to do, it's like, his whole world goes upside down and it's after he meets this ~character~ Harry's about to marry, and boy, he hates him with a passion, that he realises why. Why nothing was right while Harry was away, and why he hates his Jackson dude.

And he has to do something. But is it the right thing? Is it going to work? Will it be too late? What will Harry do?

Oh god, there's delicious pining, there's amazing sex (so hot!), there's banter and friendship, and it's all amazing. The ending is gorgeous. :D
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Title: Moments Like These
Author: [ profile] charmed310
Rating: NC 17
Word Count: 9,600
Summary: For years Draco and Harry have met twice a month in posh Muggle hotels to engage in a little extra-marital fun, no strings attached. Things take a turn when Draco admits his true feelings for Harry.
Warning(s): Infidelity

This story goes exactly as the summary says; for years Harry and Draco have been meeting in secret, but the night Harry hears Draco confessing his love, everything changes.

It comes with lovely flangst, sexy, hot sex and a beautiful ending.
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Title: And I Know the Spark
Author: [ profile] firethesound
Rating: NC 17
Word Count: 15,000 Approx.
Summary: All Draco cares about is keeping Potter alive, and he’ll do whatever it takes to make sure that happens.
Warning(s): 6th and 7th year AU, infidelity, dub-con/non-con, torture, character death of minor OCs (including children)

I love AUs, this a really great (and angsty!) Hogwarts Era Au, in which Harry and Draco got together in 6th year, until Draco decides to become a spy for the Order so he can protect Harry, only he does it without telling Harry because he knows Harry would stop him, and the only way Harry would leave him is hurt him badly. It happens though, and then when Harry is taken prisoner at Malfoy Manor is up to Draco to save him.

It's hurts, everything Draco goes through while he's trying to protect Harry, knowing Harry thinks the worst of him, it's painful, but it's got a great ending. Lovely story, full of pain, but there's hope, too.
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Title: Your Heart's the Moon
Author: [ profile] kedavranox
Rating: NC 17
Word Count: 3,800 Approx.
Summary: I'm a space bound rocket ship and your heart's the moon/ And I'm aiming right at you/ Right at you. Inspired by [ profile] mijeli's art, Be redeemed.
Warning(s): Drug use, implied infidelity

This story is incredible, it captures this moment between Harry and Draco's relationship, and it shows you how dysfunctional and even volatile they are together, and perfect, simply perfect. It's very intense.
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Title: A Loosening
Author: [ profile] eidheann_writes
Rating: NC 17
Word Count: 1,700 Approx.
Summary: This is something between the two of them, and that is enough.
Warning(s): mild bondage & d/s, infidelity [not between Harry & Draco], exists in a quasi post-epilogue world

It's amazing this story is so short yet there's so much being said, you know? It's emotional, meaningful and very sexy.
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Title: A Broken but Happy Sound
Author: [ profile] thusspakekate
Rating: NC 17
Word Count: 8,000 Approx.
Summary: Sometimes we do terrible things for no reason, other times we have terrible reasons.
Warning(s): Infidelity

This story has so many FEELS. It's perfectly angsty and amazing.

Infidelity stories are hard, because it's not easy sympatise with the cheater when the other party doesn't deserve it. But this is written from Draco's POV, who hurt Harry terribly, and it takes you with him, how terrible he is feeling, how he knows and understands the mistake he made, and how he doesn't dare to hope and ask Harry for forgiveness.

It is angsty, but it's incredible. Brace yourself and read it, because it's totally worth it.
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Title: The Price of Valour
Author: [ profile] leemarchais & Romany Walker
Rating: NC 17
Word Count: 400,000 Approx.
Summary: What happens when someone you hate needs you more than anything else? When it's life or death, either battle to the end, or die trying.

This fic just got back on line after the author had taken off, which is all kinds of awesome because it's really incredible. Harry is afflicted by a mysterious disease that keeps weakening him to the point he can't move, Draco becomes his Healer and full-time carer. And it couldn't have happened in a worst moment in Harry's life; he just found out Ginny has been cheating on him for months just a few weeks before their weeding, and the Weasleys side with her (there is some Weasley bashing on his fic).

One of the things that make this story so beautiful is the slow development of the characters. Harry's gradual acceptance of his condition and everything he goes through, his feelings and thoughts, there are scenes that will bring tears to your eyes, but many that will make you smile, the way he starts seeing Draco beyond what Draco shows to the world and Harry's own awareness of himself changes. And there's Draco, who is very stoic at first, but his perception of Harry changes as he takes care of him, he comes to admire Harry's strength and vulnerability and becomes extremely protective of Harry, making him the center of his own universe.

Narcissa eventually becomes a huge support for both of them, and she's lovely written, too.

It's such a beautiful, slow paced story, with a lot of character development and intense feelings. You're lucky it's back on line, don't miss the chance to read it.

This story is mostly bottom Harry, though they switch a couple of times.

I know you can get the PDF from AO3, but the author has a beautiful version of it that includes art. Get it here: The Price of Valour PDF.
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Title: Snakes and Ladders
Author: [ profile] mayfly_78
Rating: NC 17
Word Count: 18,700 Approx.
Summary: Twenty years later and there’s a new subversive threat to the wizarding world. Draco would rather not get involved either way, much less work with Harry Potter for the Ministry’s behalf. Epilogue compliant.
Warning(s): Epilogue compliant

I thought I had recced this story before, because it's one of my favourites Epilogue Compliant fics, but I had it confused with a different one.

Draco is going to play spy for the Ministry inside a Pure Blood elitist group, and Harry is going to be his familiar in his animagus form (and you're going to love what he turns into!), so he comes to stay with Draco at Malfoy Manor.

The sexual tension is so very lovely here, and so hot. You see, Harry has been denying—repressing, his sexuality for years, but being so close to Draco, wanting him so badly, he simply can't do it any longer.

I love Harry and Draco's characterisations. They are both so mature, and composed, but their feelings are so intense at the same time. I'm telling you, the UST is delicious, and the plot is amazing as well.
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Title: Benefaction or at AO3
Author: [ profile] slytherincesss
Rating: NC 17
Word Count: 70,000 Approx.
Summary: Following a bizarre accusation in a brutal crime, Harry Potter finds himself a loner and an outcast, as Draco Malfoy reigns supreme in the innermost social circles. A vengeful optician, a fifteen-year-old homeless Squib, and Harry and Draco's penchant for charitable giving all come into play as Blaise Zabini makes an unusual bet with Draco.
Warning(s): Epilogue compliant, infidelity (more warnings on the fic)

This story is fantastic, I had the best time reading it, and it all starts with Draco needing glasses, because, you see, when he went to get them, his optician put a little spell on the glasses, a spell that would make Draco see the real world. Draco has been living a very shallow existence, but now his vision, his perception of the world has changed. And these changes start when he meets a young girl, a homeless Squib at Diagon Alley, one that Harry has been helping.

Harry on the other hand, is practically an outcast, being blamed by a crime he didn't commit and was never proved to be guilty, yet he bears the burden of whispers and rejection by the Wizarding world. And when Draco takes interest in this girl that Harry has been helping, well, his obsession for the man will know no bounds.

I usually found stories when Harry is wrongly accused of a crime very hard to read, but this story is amazing, and it's not only about that, it's about Harry and Draco, helping this girl, both in their own ways, and it's brilliant. The characterisations are wonderful, there's a lot, and I mean a lot of UST (ultimately resolved, yay!), and it's fun, entertaining and so very touching.
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Title: Life's Hidden Forces (can only be discovered by living) or at AO3
Author: [ profile] kabal42
Rating: R
Word Count: 17,600 Approx.
Summary: It is never easy to love or need - especially not when it hurts to do so.
Warning(s): Epilogue compliant, infidelity, polyamory, Dom/sub (non explicit)

This is an infidelity story, Harry has been seeing Draco for years, but now the time to come clean to Ginny has come. The problem is, he doesn't want to hurt Ginny, he cares for her, he really does, but he can't live without Draco.

Harry and Draco's relationship is a Dom/sub, but it's more than that, too. He loves Draco, and Harry will try to make Ginny understand why he can't leave him.

You might think it can't work, that it doesn't work that way, but you'll see in this story it does. It's more than just about the sex, it's about feelings and understanding, and having that someone that makes you feel alive. It's incredible.
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Title: Anything But Ordinary
Author: [ profile] 0idontknow0
Rating: NC 17
Word Count: 38,000
Summary: “I got someone pregnant,” he said. “Draco Malfoy to be specific.”
Warning(s): Mpreg, infidelity, epilogue compliant

This story starts with Draco telling Harry he's pregnant. They've been having an affair for a long time, and this fic tells you that story, too, how it all started; from the first awkward meeting where Harry returned Draco's wand, to that first time when they were drunk, and then how, somewhere along the way, it became something more, without them even realising of it, how they tried to stop seeing each other, but ultimately simply couldn't.

And now that Draco is pregnant is time to come clean. Harry tells Ginny about him and Draco. I know it has warnings people are wary of, but this story show such a human side of Harry, how he deals with the consequences of what he's done. He knows he's hurting the people he loves, because he cares for Ginny, he loves his children and he misses his friends, but not for a moment Harry doubts about not being there for Draco.

It feels so real, moving and emotional, and I love Harry and Draco's relationship here, you can tell they have something really special, in the way they are honest and open, and how they know each other. I loved it, and I know you'll love it too if you read it, there are so many things we love to read, the drama, the smut (it's so good!) and that realisation of why they couldn't ever stay away from each other and how once they knew about the pregnancy they never doubted to go through everything together. It's lovely all around.
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Title: A Rose In the Garden
Author: [ profile] kedavranox
Rating: R
Word Count: 3,500 Approx.
Summary: Draco faces the consequences.
Warning(s): Infidelity

This is such a heart aching story, about what probably is the hardest moment in Harry and Draco's life together. It's lovely written, so much emotion and feeling.
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Title: Atonement & sequel Heart Of Glass
Author: [ profile] pir8fancier
Rating: R
Word Count: 10,900 Approx. (adding both parts)
Summary: Draco had the most overwhelming desire to kiss that mole. Put his mouth on it and suck gently, tasting and—
Warning(s): Epilogue compliant

This story starts with a mole, one that Harry has on the back of his neck, and Draco is obsessed with it. Through the years Draco never forgot of it, but he noticed the next time he saw it, it didn't look so healthy any more, and it's actually thanks to Draco that they discovered Harry was sick, that this mole is cancerous.

I don't know if I'm making this story justice with this description, because it's absolutely beautiful. Draco's devotion while Harry is sick, his selfless dedication becomes Harry's strength through his fight with cancer.

Beautiful, touching, sweet, sad at times, but lovely all around. An excellent read of Hurt/Comfort at its finest.
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Title: The Burning Times
Author: Dracos_DirtySecret
Rating: NC 17
Word Count: 267,000 Approx.
Summary: Six years ago, Draco Malfoy left his new husband with the promise that he would return. Locked away in a Muggle prison for a crime he committed out of rage, he returns years later to what he hopes is a new life with his husband, & finds in his place an empty bed, & a world that has no right to exist.
Warning(s): Mpreg, Character Death (not Harry and Draco), Non Con (not between Harry and Draco), AU

This story is fantastic. (And sorry for what I think it's my longest rec yet. >.<)

It's the Wizarding world worst nightmare. The Muggles are aware of the Magical world's existence, and they are persecuting wizards and witches, keeping the them in prison, witches in camps and bounding their magic.

This fic tells three stories at the same time. No, it's not confusing, yes, it's incredible.

It tells how Harry and Draco got together, back when Voldemort was the threat, not the Muggles. It tells how their relationship was at first secret, and how Draco was a spy for the Order. It tells how these persecutions started, how the Muggles slowly starting killing and trapping wizards, binding their magic, and what happened to Draco while being in prison in a different country and how Harry went through this without him. And these two merge into the main story; Draco returning to England years after, finding the Wizarding World nearly extinct but for those few who have survived by hiding, unaware of everything Harry had suffered and realising how much he had, and all the struggles he endures, all he does until he finally frees Harry and the other prisoners who are barely alive in the Muggle prisons and camps.

It's almost stark, nearly a Dark story, but not because it's hopeless, but because it's so very dramatic, the persecutions of the Muggles, the abuse, mental, psychological and physical wizards and witches suffer is almost disturbing.

It's touching, it's so incredibly touching, the struggles, God, everything Harry and Draco went through, together and apart. Harry constant, growing dread about what's happening in the Wizarding world while the Muggles attack them, and Draco being away in prison, lost from the world, unaware of everything Harry and his world is going through. But I must stress, while there's plenty of Angst, and indeed, I'm tagging this entry as angst, it's not only angst. There are parts, many parts, that will make you smile, parts that will remind you how strong they are, and how together they can overcome anything.

Just like a tragic story, this fic, as it portrays everything the characters go through, it also shows you all these things that are worth going through hell and back, you know?

It's mainly told from Draco's POV, but it switches to others, which can be a bit distracting, but the story is so good even with that distraction.

There's only a bit of a downside, and this that the sequel From the Ashes is incomplete, and probably abandoned, as it hasn't been updated since 2009. But it's not that this fic ends in a cliffhanger, just, you would have liked to know more of their story. But it's really great. One of those epic stories you remember.

Oh, Also, while in this story they switch, it's mainly bottom!Harry.
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Title: The Perfect Husband
Author: [ profile] curlee_cue
Rating: NC 17
Word Count: 9,300
Summary: “Malfoy tilts his head back, locks eyes with Harry, and he’s so open, so eager to comfort that Harry wants to punch him till he bleeds. Instead, he leans down, presses a tender kiss along the freckled bridge of Malfoy’s too pointy nose. Malfoy’s just like Ginny, in a way. So naïve and trusting, so willing to believe the perfect man Harry will never be.”
Warning(s): some explicit Harry/Ginny

This story incredibly powerful. It's about Harry's painful journey of awareness of his sexuality.

It's so very poignant because he loves his wife, he loves Ginny, and he so desperately wants to be normal, he so badly wants this fantasy of the perfect life, with the perfect wife and beautiful children to be true, and realising he can't have that, that he won't give that to Ginny, to himself, it's painful, so painful.

But it's such a gorgeous story, the writing is so visceral you're going to feel it as you read, and as much as it hurts you're going to love it, and you're going to love Harry for facing it, too.
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Title: Glory
Author: [ profile] digitallace
Rating: NC 17
Word Count: 12,600 Approx.
Summary: What happens when Draco and Harry each find the opposite end of a hole in the locker room wall? Oh, stop it with your dirty minds. Oh wait. That's exactly what happens.

First off, are we all familiar with the concept of Glory Hole? Yes? Good.

Now, I never found the idea of it particularly hot, but a while back I read a story about it (Percy Weasley/Marcus Flint) and it was so hot, I was converted that when well written, this setting can be amazing.

This fic converted me all over again.

Harry and Draco have no idea who is in the other side of the wall. But really, you just have to picture Harry on his knees, happily sucking cock, and you'll want to read it (Right?).

But that's not all! There's plot, too. You see, it isn't until these experiments that Harry even realises about his real preferences and he has to face Ginny, and then there's Draco mistake about the identity of his secret, er, sucker, blow job giver? You know what I mean.

So; hot + plotty = great read.
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Title: A Dream of Waking
Author: [ profile] eidheann_writes
Rating: NC 17
Word Count: 16,000
Summary: "You always were contrary. Had I known you’d jump into an engagement with the first person you spoke to after our little tête-à-tête, I might have been gentler with my persuasion."
Warning(s): angst, infidelity, mpreg.

Oh, god. This story is so very touching. It's such an emotional ride.

It's an adaptation from The Painted Veil. I'm sorry to say I haven't seen this movie, but if it's anything like this story I should.

Harry and Draco get married after a very short courtship. But soon after the wedding they move to India, then Harry has to leave Draco alone while he goes to work on the cure of this illness, as he's a Healer.

I really don't want to spoil it too much for you. I know there's a warning for infidelity, but it's a lovely fic. The sort of story that reminds you that not everything is perfect, that sometimes you don't value what you have until you're about to lose it, that sometimes people do stupid things when they are alone and scared, that love and forgiveness come hand in hand, and that happiness can be found if you give it another chance.

It's angsty, yes, but it's beautiful, too, and the ending is wonderful.

Liar by jad

Jan. 4th, 2013 05:21 pm
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Title: Liar
Author: [ profile] jad
Rating: NC 17
Word Count: 50,000 Approx.
Summary: Harry Potter and Draco Malfoy have always preferred the worst of each other; it was too bad they both had to have better halves.
Warning(s): Epilogue compliant

I love stories that revolve around Harry and Draco's relationship, and this one does in the span of a decade.

It's an infidelity fic, that's what it's mostly about. I say mostly, because there are a lot of things happening during all this time as well.

The sexual tension, building up for years between Harry and Draco is exquisite, and it culminates in all this delicious smut, which is just, well, delicious, okay?!!

It's written from Harry's POV, and his characterisation is perfect. He's human, flawed, passionate, a bit clueless, but you will recognise him because he's so Harry.

Well, everybody is written so very well, Draco, Ginny, the kids, even the secondary characters, Tracey, Viktor, all of them, to be honest.

And really, it's going to drive you a bit insane, in the best of ways, if you're anything like me, because what happens is inevitable, after years of repression and denial to see them finally giving in, and then, well, I shouldn't really spoil it for you, but trust me, this is a journey you're going to love to make with them.
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Title: A Love that Transcends Hunger
Author: [ profile] cerberusia
Rating: R
Word Count: 4,500
Summary: You saved my life once. Now I'm saving yours.
Warning(s): Epilogue compliant

There's such an air of inevitability about this fic, and it's only when you get to the end that you realise there's nothing else Harry could have done once he realised of his feelings.

I know it doesn't make sense now, but once you read this story it will. Read it, it's incredible.
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Title: Collect Your Courage
Author: [ profile] mervab
Rating: NC 17
Word Count: 44,000
Summary: Potter needs control; Draco needs forgiveness. They shag; Lavender gives advice; they yell; Seamus makes muffins; they fight; and everyone else drinks far too much coffee for their own wellbeing.

This story is an emotional ride. I almost don't want to say anything because I'm afraid I'm not going to make it justice.

It starts with Harry having an affair with Draco, and treating him, well, very badly. But as you read, and as the story develops and their relationship changes from just fucking, to stop fucking and being friends, you will begin to understand a bit more where Harry is coming from, why is so hard for him to open up.

I love Draco's protective nature towards Harry, not physically, but emotionally protective, because Harry needs him, he really does. And Draco is there for him, being what Harry needs, even though it hurts him terribly to be just the outlet for Harry.

But, again, as their relationship change, you can see Harry really seeing Draco, this man so different from who he was. And it's beautiful. You're going to fall in love with him—with both of them, Harry and Draco.

It's written from Draco's POV, and the turmoil he's feeling through his insane journey, his fears, his vulnerability and his strength, they are so real. And Harry, too. You'll be able to sympathise with them, with their flaws and qualities that make them so human.

It's a gorgeous story. Instant favourite.

Also, this story is mainly Bottom!Draco, just a bit of switching near the end. (I'm saying that because no romance is complete without that piece of info, yeah? *lol*)
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Title: Eye of the Beholder
Author: [ profile] pir8fancier
Rating: R
Word Count: 22,000 Approx.
Summary: Draco Malfoy has written an explosive autobiography. Not only does lay bare his role as a Death Eater, he also makes a number of other shocking revelations. Harry Potter owls him, asking that they meet for drinks to discuss his novel.
Warning(s): Epilogue compliant

This fic is fantastic. It's Draco-centric. He's written an autobiography, but he didn't do it for redemption. He did it for himself, he did it for his son. And it explores Draco, the boy he was and the man he became. It shows his marriage to Astoria under such a different light, as something positive, that made him a better man. But it's also about how his night with Harry changed his life, which happened after he published his book.

There are unexpected pairings on the story that will surprise you in the best of ways. Astoria will steal your heart, and Draco, your heart will be with him for a long time after you read it. Lovely story, truly.
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Title: and your damage done
Author: [ profile] twistedm
Rating: NC 17
Word Count: 16,000 Approx.
Summary: How was it that being grown up had once seemed exciting and desirable?
Warning(s): Epilogue compliant

I love Epilogue Compliant stories (yes, I just said that), and there's something almost twisted about this one.

I think it's because Harry had honestly no intentions of cheating on Ginny, and Draco seduced him, with premeditation, deliberation and advantage. Well, as much as you can when someone else is semi-willing and hot and hard for you back. But still, Harry did have good intentions.

Harry put up a hand. He thought he might be able to feel the heat rising through Draco's sweat-damp uniform. "What do you want from me, Draco?" He spoke slowly, and - he realized with dismay - a little too loudly.

"Right now, all I want," he paused and slowly used the very tip of his pointy tongue to caress his lower lip, "is to hear you say 'Yes.'"

Eventually Harry gives, and he pays the price, too. It's very intense, and that ending is going to kill you! ^^
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Title: The Loft
Author: UnlistedPiety
Rating: R
Word Count: 200,000 Approx.
Summary: Above a flower shop in New York, is a newly rented loft. Draco Malfoy doesn’t want to get married, and Harry Potter is running from his past. Will love spurn from hate? Or will Harry’s problems ruin them both
Warning(s): Non Magical AU

This is a Non Magical AU, in which Harry is an artist, a painter and Draco a heir to a billion dollar company. But Harry has such a mysterious past, and you'll discover, it involved the company Draco's father owns.

It's interesting, I liked Harry, all the mystery around him, the author wrote him in a very compelling way. But I personally adored Blaise on this story. He made me laugh out loud many times.
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Title: Their Kind of Forever
Author: [ profile] furiosity
Rating: NC 17
Word Count: 34,000
Summary: The final part of Harry's Auror training forces him to walk the line between truth and lie, between the wizarding world and the Muggle world, between the life he thought he'd have and the disappointing reality. And through it all, he finds unexpected solace in a most unlikely person's company.

Harry's last assignment for Auror training is to act all Muggle through this trip, which, amazingly enough, it's very hard. But at the cruise (yes, it's a cruise, this trip) he meets Draco Malfoy, who, could you knock me with a feather, is a professional dancer and entertainer on the ship.

I know it sounds far-fetched, but on the story it simply works.

This thing between them, it all was supposed to be only sex, but then Harry falls in love, and you can see it, nearly feel it, in the way they are together, the sex becomes emotional and intense. It's delicious.
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Title: The Slytherin Gryffindor
Author: [ profile] dysonrules
Rating: NC 17
Word Count: 40,000
Summary: This is my response to JKR's horrific epilogue. It's a dual novel with one part Albus Scorpius and one part HarryDraco. Deathly Hallows compliant!
Warning(s): Epilogue compliant

This fic has everything you can possibly want on a fanfic, especially if it's epilogue compliant. It has Auror action, a mystery, Ginny being a bitch, Draco being in love with Harry, Harry getting to know Draco better and realising how much he's changed, Albus and Scorpius, steamy sex and a happy ending.

Really, what else can you ask for?

Oh, I know1 This fic has a companion fic: The Slytherin Hufflepuff, which is Albus/Scorpius.

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