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I'd been wanting to see this film ever since I first heard about it,partly because there are so few movies that depict polyamorous relationships at all, and even fewer that portray them positively, and because I loved the Wonder Woman movie earlier this summer and felt it would be good to learn more about her creator.

Tammie and I went last night. I'd have to say my feelings about the movie are ambivalent. It's a good movie overall, and we'll probably find time to make Chris watch it as well. The central triad relationship is portrayed respectfully, with true chemistry between all three leads. The sex scenes and bondage scenes are both sexy and tender and mutual.

But I'm not sure I like the characters. Or maybe I feel ambivalent about them. Dr. Marston's theories about human nature are dubious at best: "all people need, and children should be taught, to submit to a loving authority"?!?! Olive was a student and he was a professor, which is an inherently unequal footing on which to start a relationship. Elizabeth seems very reactive and punishing of Olive when society's disapproval becomes too strong for her. On the other hand, despite the inequality of their initial meeting, and the significant age differences (if I math right, Olive was ten years younger than the other two), all three partners seemed to have clear agency and consent in the relationship.

My other quibble is maybe a silly one, but for a movie which covers twenty years, none of the actors seemed to age at all!

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