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Title: In the Shadow of Your Heart
Author: [personal profile] lq_traintracks
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: 52,000 Approx.
Summary: And thus began the very strange circumstance of their fake dating in public and real fucking in absolute secret. It was, with no comparison, the weirdest relationship Draco had ever been in – which was to say, it wasn't one.

This story is simply gorgeous. It's a fake relationship fic but only it's a little different. The thing is, Draco and Harry come to an arrangement to pretend they are dating, but only after a bit they start fucking, but that's in private, you see. So they are pretending to date to the rest of the world, but are sort of together in private. :D

Of course, it's supposed to be a friends with benefit kind of arrangement, too, but as proven earlier, nothing is simple when it comes to these two. They are brilliant together, they have an incredible connection and chemistry, yet they have troubles communicating, actually telling each other what they are feeling.

And it's gorgeous, because Draco goes through this whole transformation, from someone trying to hide to someone ready to be happy, makes friends in the way that he didn't expect (trust me, Ron is amazing here!) and with a bit of a nudge he just might get everything he wanted.

It's really a journey, and it's beautiful. :)
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Title: Scenes from a life
Author: faviconsoftlyforgotten
Rating: R
Word Count: 22,500 Approx.
Summary: Several years, several Christmases, several children.
Content/Warning(s): Sequel to Such Great Heights.

This fic is just so wonderful. It's the sequel to the amazing Such Great Heights, which I recced here and here - and let me tell you, if you haven't read that one you totally should because is incredible.

Like I said, this this the sequel and it's exactly what the summary and title say, just scenes of Harry and Draco's life together, from those first months together at Hogwarts to growing older, having their family, children (oh my god, their children are brilliant!), many Christmases and so much happiness together. It's perfect and it's going to leave you with a huge smile on your face. :)
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Title: Headlights in the Snow
Author: [ profile] saras_girl
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: 71,600 Approx.
Summary: What’s big and purple and smells like tea? Harry is about to find out.
Content/Warning(s): EWE plus Fred lives!, original characters, quite a good bit of fluff

Headlights in the Snow is Saras_girl's 2016 Advent, and it follows the 25 days leading to Christmas. It starts in George's stag party, when Harry's a little drunk and the whole group takes the Knight Bus and Harry's absolutely certain – or as certain as he can be, as he is a little drunk – that Draco is the one driving the bus. No one else seems to notice, but of course Harry does.

Obviously his curiosity gets the better of him and hails the bus to investigate further, and yes, it was Draco Malfoy driving the bus all right. :D And so Harry's in for an adventure, discovering what Draco has been up to, the strange and amazing routine he has with a wonderful (utterly wonderful) group of old ladies who have made the Knight Bus their home (not literally, but think of the bus as their daily social club meeting place, which is indeed what it is) and ultimately falling in love. It's a journey in more ways than one and absolutely lovely and magical. :)
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Title: Mistletoe
Author: [profile] xerised
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 6,400 Approx.
Summary: It's Christmas when Draco finds the engagement ring. Post-Hogwarts.

This is a lovely Christmas story. As the summary says, we see Draco finding an engagement ring, we see his excitement and panic about potentially becoming Harry's husband, but more so, we get to see how they are, see their relationship, how good they are together and all these lovely moments revolving another Christmas together. It's a delight and fully. Perfect for this season. :)
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Title: Boom Clap (The Sound of My Heart)
Author: [personal profile] femmequixotic and [personal profile] noeon
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: 39,600 Approx.
Summary: Post-war Hogwarts has been energized by its new teaching fellows program. Where once bitter enmity divided the wizarding community, Malfoy and Potter chummily patrol hallways together whilst Granger and Zabini seek lost parts of the castle at McGonagall’s behest and Chang supervises Quidditch when not lecturing in Charms. It’s a veritable wizarding utopia and life is predictable for the first time in years. Which is, of course, when everything blows apart as the result of a drunken dare and Malfoy’s life is ruined beyond his capacity to repair it. Ever. In a million years.

Oh god, so much yummy pining in this fic. :D

That story starts with Harry and Draco doing rounds at Hogwarts. They are 'Fellows,' teachers assistants and sort of secondary teachers, if you will, helping their Head of Houses with the students as well. They are friendly, not best of friends, but definitely the sort of friends that have a nice banter going on, but things come to a head when this one night Harry confesses he fancied Draco back in sixth year. This turns Draco's life upside down, and it does so because Draco's always had feelings for Harry, and now they're back with a new fervour. Then things are a bit awkward between them and then less so, and then a lot more awkward after a drunken kiss in a drinking game and—well, let me say it again, there's a lot of pining in this fic. :D

It's from Draco's POV, and his characterisation is wonderful, seeing face his fear, help his students facing theirs, seeing his interactions with his fellow Fellows. Wonderful, all of this is wonderful. Those nearly 40K are going to fly, trust me! :)
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Title: The Full Four Seasons
Author: [personal profile] ravenclawsquill
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: 49,200 Approx.
Summary: Draco Malfoy just wants a quiet life. He has a successful business, a lovely wife, and a delightfully horrible circle of friends. He’s fine. Or, he was fine until Harry Potter thundered into his life with all the subtlety of a blast-ended skrewt and turned everything on its head. Now he’s beginning to wonder if ‘fine’ is enough, after all.
Content/Warning(s): Infidelity (Draco/Astoria)

This story is amazing. It's truly fantastic. Oh my god. It starts when this one day Draco goes to his favourite coffee shop to get his weekly 'proper' coffee and finds Harry tending the counter. Harry's left the wizarding world some five years before, so it's really a shock to see him out of the blue like that.

But Draco goes back to the coffee shop and though this time it isn't Harry making his coffee (and not as good as Harry either!), Harry is there and they start talking. At first is, you know, Potter and Malfoy, a bit awkward and stand-offish, but as time passes they strike an unlikely friendship, a genuine friendship to the point that Draco encourages Harry to come back to the wizarding word. He suggests that if he doesn't want to navigate the press and all that his coming back implies, he could hire a RP firm to help him with that (Parkinson Zabini). Harry, feeling he's ready to come back and come out – officially, agrees and sets to set up a charity Ascendio, to provide a safe place and support for young LBGT people.

But there's so much more than that. Draco is married to Astoria, who by the way is amazing, she's his best friend and she's smart and confident, and just wonderful all around, and Draco does love her, very dearly, but he's living in denial, denial who he is and who he wants and they both have all this pressure to start a family—and now that Harry's made his way into Draco's life, Draco is simply unable to keep denying who he is.

There are so many feelings, the denial, but in a way that gets to your soul and you understand Draco and where he's coming from, so much UST, just, there, all the time, in every amazing interaction Harry and Draco have, growing and simmering under the surface. Harry and Draco's characterisations are beautiful, but so are everybody's; Astoria, Pansy, Hermione. Slow burn, but not too slow.

I know people can be wary of infidelity fics, but this story is not about that, or not only about that, it's about coming to terms with who you are, about finally being honest to yourself and the people you love, about understanding and love. It's truly wonderful.
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Title: A Ghost in the Garden
Author: [profile] thistle_verse
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: 27,000 Approx.
Summary: That night Draco dreams, and he is the ghost in his garden. He is both silvered figment and his own solid and flesh face pressing against the window, watching. Spinning and spun, haunting and haunted. Turned and turning, an open mouth with no sound.
Harry and Draco are thrown together on an investigation into a sinister political movement.
Content/Warning(s): alcohol abuse

This fic is so interesting! It's a case!fic, and it's about a series of attacks, apparently by Muggle-borns targeting Tradition Wizarding values and institutions that represents them. But Hermione and Draco, both in charge of the investigation, believe it's a conspiracy. Eventually Harry is involved and under a secret identity he poses as Draco's Auror partner and eventually as his romantic partner while trying to infiltrate pureblood society.

But it's more than that as well, because Draco is dealing with his own personal issues, his own ghosts, both literal and metaphorical, and until he's dealt with them, he won't be able to fully explore what he could have with Harry. It's pretty amazing. :)
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Title: Solder
Author: [ profile] oakstone730
Rating: NC 17
Word Count: 35,000 Approx.
Summary: Seven years ago, Harry disappeared out of Draco and Scorpius's life without a trace after Harry's addictions destroyed his and Draco's marriage. Now, Harry’s back, and Draco wants to believe he’s changed. But Harry isn’t the only one haunted by the past.
Content/Warning(s): potion/alcohol addiction and recovery.

Oh god, this fic, so touching and wonderful.

This story contains mentions of potion/alcohol addiction, but it's not about that, it's about recovery. It actually starts when Harry has an overdose and Draco, not knowing what else to do, decides to leave Harry because he can't see him do this to himself any more, and he also needs to think about Scorpius, whom they were raising together.

Time moves forward and then one day Draco is in Muggle London when he sees an exhibition showing stained glass art. He goes into the art gallery and he's immediately drawn to all the different pieces. He's very curious about the artist and eventually he finds out the artist is Harry, whom he hasn't heard from or seen since that fateful day.

We learn Harry's recovered from his addiction, we learn how hard it's been, how Harry has been coping with everything, and we also learn these two love each other madly.

It's lovely, truly, see them try again, getting to know each other again, learning how much Harry's missed Draco and Scorpius and just seeing them building their live together back. It's wonderful and touching and there's pining and UST and coming back together. Yep, wonderful. ^^
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Title: Defining Dickhead
Author: [ profile] who_la_hoop
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 8,500 Approx.
Summary: cockblock (vulgar, slang)
verb: to impede the romantic or sexual advances of a person (usually a man) towards another

cockblockhead (vulgar, slang)
noun: a person (usually a man) who unintentionally cockblocks themselves
see also entries for: self-sabotage, absolute idiocy, Harry James Potter

This story is just so funny, so much fun. Like, seriously fun. :D

It's about Harry trying to (part of me wants to go, "oh my god, what is Harry even trying to do??" because, you'll see!) woo, I suppose, Draco, good friend and Auror partner, only he's pants at it.

We go with Harry through a year, from Christmas, when he thinks he's bought Draco the perfect gift thus realising his feelings for Draco are a bit more, er, ~complex than he originally assumed, through the next year, seeing his, yeah, very impressive (yeah, that's a word) attempts at catching Draco's attention. It's Draco, Draco always wins at this.

It's absolutely lovely, this fic. :)
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Title: Expecto Patronum
Author: [ profile] writcraft
Rating: NC 17
Word Count: 35,000 Approx.
Summary: Harry Potter is the most sought after celebrity in wizarding Britain. His every movement is scrutinised, his relationships questioned and his photographs plastered over every paper. Harry's used to everyone thinking he’s a hero and has had plenty of time to learn how to keep his biggest secrets hidden from the press. As Draco Malfoy negotiates his feelings for the wizarding world's brightest star, he becomes increasingly attached to Harry and unravels the secrets he keeps hidden from the rest of the world.

This story, oh my god, so good!!! ^^

As the summary says, Harry is the darling of the Wizarding world, all his movements are carefully watched by the press. And the story starts when Harry approaches Harry with the intention to befriend him as they seem to share a common interest. *winkwink, nudge nudge*

Draco, it seems, is most reluctant at first because, well, he's had conflicted feelings for Harry for ages, and I quote: He suspects he’s spent most of his life torn between hating Potter and wanting to fuck him senseless.

But Harry is anything is not persuasive (and by this I mean tempting) and so they start meeting. Soon enough is obvious they have feelings for each other, intense, delicious feelings (UST!) but the closer they get, the more Draco realises he doesn't truly know Harry, and for this – whatever it is they are building together – be real, Harry needs to let Draco in and share himself.

It's gorgeous, the progression of their relationship, they way they open to each other. It's got brilliant characterisations of Harry and Draco but also Nott and Ron and Ginny. It's a wonderful story, and I know you'll love it. :D
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Title: All Roads Lead Home
Author: [ profile] dracogotgame
Rating: G
Word Count: 15,000 Approx.
Summary: Draco is strong-armed into spending the first Christmas after the War with the Weasleys. And Harry Potter.

This fic, it's just delightful. So much. ^^ It starts when Draco sees Molly Weasley had a small accident in Diagon Alley. He debates to help her, but then he remembers his mother (he's having something of a super lousy time, you see), and rushes. Then Molly realising Draco is all alone at Christmas invites him (in a way he simply can't say no) to the Burrow. And without much warning Draco is thrown to the Weasleys. :D

First it's Bill and Charlie, then it's Arthur with all his Muggle stuff, then is pealing potatoes with Ginny. And like that, until Harry arrives. And it gets even better. :)

But of course, it's not all happiness because there's also George, who is still mourning Fred and he's sad and angry. But it all turns well, and though I don't want to spoil it too much, I'm just going to say: snowball fights and Mistletoe! ^^
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Title: And a Malfoy in a Pear Tree
Author: [ profile] lauren3210
Rating: NC 17
Word Count: 8,000 Approx.
Summary: Draco works in a coffee shop. Harry drops by every day to get his fix. Of coffee, Ron.

This fic is just, god, so cute! As the summary says, Draco works in a coffee shop, and Harry, well, Harry needs his coffee, you know! Needs it badly enough that it doesn't matter if he's late for work, but he's gotta have his coffee. He has to have it also handed by Draco.

There's some ~bad~ (awesome!) flirting – this is back and forth, by the way – a bit of jealousy and pining and lots of fluff. :)
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Title: Beyond the Mirror's Edge
Author: faviconVivacissimoVoce
Rating: R
Word Count: 40,000 Approx.
Summary: Harry Potter is dead! A spell goes wrong in Advanced Charms class, leaving nothing but a charred ring and a pair of empty shoes. Draco Malfoy must figure out what happened and try to bring Harry back.

I know what the summary says, but trust me, this fic is so awesome!

Indeed, the only thing remaining of Harry Potter are a tatty pair of trainers. But, since there's no Major Character Death warning, I feel okay with telling you; Harry's not dead. :D He is gone though. And no one seems to know where.

God, Draco's reaction when he realises Harry's gone is so, so perfect. But that's not all—well.

If you want, you can skip this next part and just go and read the story, you won't regret it, but if you want to know more. . .

But soon after Harry vanished Draco started hearing things, hearing someone. At first, just a voice, asking if someone could hear them. Later on he realises the person he's been hearing is Harry, and he's the only one who can hear him. And even more so, they soon realise Draco – people, can see Harry in the mirror, see his reflection on a mirror.

It still very hard for both of them. Draco has his own problems; people mistrusts him, and well, Harry still feels isolated, without a body, barely a presence. But the way their relationship develops is lovely. Great story.
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Title: Reigning Champ
Author: faviconLadySlytherin
Rating: R
Word Count: 14,000 Approx.
Summary: If there's one thing every Slytherin loves, it's a good game. Too Hot was played at every party Slytherin House had hosted for years, and Draco had won every round since the first time he played. Pride in his title as Champion was to be expected. Stating it like a challenge in front of the returning Eighth-Year Gryffindors? Not Draco's brightest move, to be sure.
Content/Warning(s): a little bit of Draco/Charlie

Awesome fic. It happens, Draco is the Champion of this game called Too Hot, which consists (for those who don't know – hey, I didn't!) of two people kissing, but not touching, and the first to touch the other, loses.

People starts challenging Draco's title as the House barriers amongst the returning eighth years fall, and it's around the time Draco is fixed on a date with Charlie Weasley that Harry finally reacts.

It's really lovely and surprising. :D
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Title: House Style for Gryffindors
Author: [ profile] femmequixotic and [ profile] noeon
Rating: NC 17
Word Count: 11,500 Approx.
Summary: he Slytherins have always ruled the Sortilegus, a wizarding society magazine popular since the Middle Ages which lost most of its staff during the recent Unpleasantness (informally known as the Campaign against Noses). Pansy Parkinson has just been made the youngest witch ever to head the publication and has been charged with livening up the magazine and helping it move into post-war society whilst maintaining tradition. // Which is all fine by Draco until she brings Harry Potter on staff, an obvious attempt to force Draco into a nervous breakdown by requiring him to work cheek-by-jowl with his arch nemesis.

This story is so great. It's fun, it's entertaining, it's sexy as hell, it was wonderful characterisations, there's pining and UST, it's got it all.

It starts with Draco, who's working on a wizarding magazine Sortilegus, learns that Harry Potter is coming to work for it as well. He feels betrayed, you know how he gets in all things when Harry is concerned. At the end though he has to bear with Harry working there. Things, however, take a turn (for the better!) when a) He sees Harry doing a photoshot in full wizarding Polo regalia – sans shirt and b) Have to work closer with him in a Special Edition at Hogwarts, which include a Punk Ball of sorts.

And trust me, it's perfect, and sexy, and witty, and fun, and super. And I know I said sexy twice, but it is! :D
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Title: On The Turning Away
Author: [ profile] blamebrampton
Rating: PG
Word Count: 25,500 Approx.
Summary: It's one thing to be good at not making a besotted fool of yourself over a man when he's busy being the most famous wizard in the world and you're tucked away quietly in Wiltshire. It's quite another when you have to see him every morning.

This is such a lovely story. You see, someone plays a joke on Draco, and although it's innocent enough (the joke) it kind of gets him arrested, and now, to make sure that ~Malfoy~ is not a threat he's supposed to be supervised for a while, and who better to do the supervising than one Harry Potter, yes? But Draco is pleased with the outcome, because what better way to get over his infatuation with the man than spending time with him, right?

It has wonderful characterisations and the pace is amazing, too. Super sweet, fun and entertaining. :)
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Title: Helix
Author: [ profile] saras_girl
Rating: NC 17
Word Count: 93,000 Approx.
Summary: Seven months after the end of the war, Harry is feeling lost. Fortunately, he is about to be offered an unexpected and sparkling chance to find himself again.

This is such a beautiful story. It's Sara's Girl Advent story and it happens in 25 days.

We see Harry and Draco from being distant even indifferent to each other, to see them fighting, to see them put in charge (as a punishment for the fighting) of the breeding of frost snails, these amazing, lovely creatures, to see them become friends, to finally see them becoming so much more than that. We see them grow, coming together and being close, being lovers, going through a lot; healing together, and it's truly gorgeous.

It's a journey of discovery, or emotions, of personal growth. Beautiful.
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Title: The Little Marauders Nursery and Day Care
Author: [ profile] digthewriter
Rating: NC 17
Word Count: 9,800 Approx.
Summary: Harry Potter is the proud owner of The Little Marauders Nursery and Day Care and his favourite student is Scorpius Malfoy. Scorpius's dad might be okay, too.

Adorable fic with Harry running a Nursery School and Draco being one of the parents. And he, Harry, is completely smitten with Rock Star Draco – not a real rock star, just the nick name Harry uses for him for ~reasons. ^^

It's lovely, there's a very cute Scorpius, there's pining, flirting and a super sweet ending. :)
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Title: Love Comes Tumbling
Author: [ profile] taradiane
Rating: NC 17
Word Count: 22,000 Approx.
Summary: 'Harry's thoughts were of how much he would have done differently with Malfoy over the years, and of Dumbledore's final words to the other boy . . . "It is my mercy, and not yours, that matters now." Maybe, Harry wondered, he could find some mercy, too, and give Malfoy the second chance that Dumbledore had believed him worthy of.'

This is a gorgeous 8th year fic, with just the right touch of angst and a beautiful ending.

It's written from Harry's POV, and he sees Draco is having a really hard year at Hogwarts. He sees prejudice and bullying, and it's just not what he expected when the war was over. And though Draco wasn't too happy about Harry intervening in his behalf, you can see by the end they come to an, ah, understanding.

It's lovely, they have to work together in the Room of Requirement, and they start to get to know each other, you can see and feel the attraction getting thicker between them, until, well, it comes to a beautiful conclusion. And though at first Ron and Hermione, specially Hermione, don't understand and aren't supportive of Harry and Draco's relationship, trust them to be the friends who Harry trusts with his life. :)
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Title: In Which Harry is Magnetic North and Draco Is An Idiot
Author: [ profile] bryoneybrynn
Rating: PG 13
Word Count: 13,500
Summary: For as long as he can remember, Draco’s been bringing fake dates to his family’s annual Yuletide celebration in order to evade his mother’s matchmaking. This year, Potter’s posing as his pretend boyfriend. But as the party gets underway, it gets unclear who’s playing who, who’s pretending what, who’s not pretending at all, and what the game really is. Confused? Yeah, so is Draco...

Cute fic is cute!

As the summary says, every year Draco brings fake dates to his parents' Yule celebration. This year, however, Harry agrees to go with Draco, only he wasn't expected for Harry to be so absolutely charming. Not that he, Draco, wasn't charmed already (he totally was), but this new settling is confusing the heck out of him.

It's adorable, featuring oblivious!Draco, charming!Harry and a gorgeous ending. It's a delight. :D
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Title: The Moon Looks Lovely Tonight
Author: [ profile] omi_ohmy
Rating: R
Word Count: 35,000
Summary: When Harry moves into the damp and empty Black house, it doesn’t quite feel like home. And then the first owl moves in. After that, it’s a steep slope leading to bed-sharing, more owls, assorted housemates, strange potions experiments, and terrible cooking. And a bit of waltzing, too.

This story is delightful, just delightful. It's so very gentle.

It's about new beginnings. It's Harry trying to start over, moving back into Grimmauld Place, renovating it, making it his own. And in doing so he has the most peculiar company. Owls. They start showing up and making a home in one of the attic rooms, but Harry lets them, more than that, he opens his home to him, and so does to his friends, who one by one (or in pairs) come asking for a place to stay. And surprisingly, Draco ends up living with him, having ran out of rooms, he shares with Harry.

It's so very gentle, this fic, so sweet and funny, lovely paced. I know you'll enjoy it from start to end. :)
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Title: A New Life
Author: [ profile] dracogotgame
Rating: G
Word Count: 9,000 Approx.
Summary: Harry’s deepest wish comes true one winter night. It’s nothing like he imagined but that doesn’t mean it’s not perfect.
Content/Warning(s): Implied (past? Future? ^^) mpreg

This story is so wonderful. It starts when The Frostling, a winter spirit, sees Harry walking through the woods alone, again and again. She wonders, why is this human so sad, and she realises; he's lonely. She remembers humans crave the company of other humans, that they are happiest when they have a family, and so, since Harry intrigues her so, decides to try and make this human happy. And that's how one day Harry wakes up and he's married to Draco and has two gorgeous children. Harry, however, doesn't know how he got there, but has this amazing glimpse of what his life could be, and wants it, wants it to be real.

It's beautiful and absolutely touching, this story. :)
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Title: Taking the Easy Way Out
Author: [ profile] maraudersaffair
Rating: NC 17
Word Count: 16,000 Approx.
Summary: Malfoy has disappeared, and Harry tracks him down because . . . he’s Harry Potter. Expecting to save Malfoy from worldly evils, he is surprised to find him living as a Muggle and listening to ponce boy bands.

This story is so great. As the summary says, Draco has disappeared from the wizarding world, and Narcissa has made it sound as if he's in some kind of trouble because he doesn't have his wand, the one Harry kept. And you know, Harry, he can't help himself, he goes finding Draco.

Only when he finds him, it's nothing like he expected it to be. Draco is still prickly and basically a huge git, but he's living like a Muggle, one that has no idea how to live like a Muggle, and of course Harry can't let it be. He needs to find out why, and he won't leave Draco alone until he finds out, and maybe not even then. It's really so very good, and funny, too, Draco trying to live like a Muggle is awesome. ^^
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Title: P&T Muggle Adventures
Author: faviconVivacissimoVoce
Rating: NC 17
Word Count: 44,000 Approx.
Summary: Dean Thomas and Harry Potter start a leisure business for wizards that specializes in giving tours of muggle London. Everything goes well until they receive a booking neither one of them wants to take. Harry embarks upon what he suspects will be the worst trip of his life.

This story is amazing. It's got Harry and Dean working as Tour Guides of sorts. They have this company that takes wizards and witches on 'holidays' to the Muggle world so they can explore and experiment Muggle culture and Muggle environment. And, on this particular booking Harry takes, it turns it's the Malfoys, who asked for a whole week accompanied by this really cool aunt that is making them take these "holidays". And so their adventure begins.

It's really cool, seeing the Muggle world through their eyes, very entertaining. But then Harry and Draco start doing some exploring of their own. Not like that! Okay, yes, like that, too. Harry takes Draco to clubs, including this one where the guy Harry was sort of seeing works, but with his growing feelings for Draco, it makes Harry realise what he really wants in a relationship, but will Draco be able to give it to him? Well.

It's lovely, the way their relationship grows and their feelings develop, the pining, the sex, the misunderstandings… It's a great read.
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Title: A Second Chance at First Love
Author: [ profile] taradiane
Rating: NC 17
Word Count: 28,000 Approx.
Summary: ". . . I just wanted you to know that you weren't the only one who'd had a shitty existence for a time. Maybe I hated that you thought I was someone I wasn't. Maybe . . . maybe I hated that I thought you were someone you weren't, but never realised it until Voldemort gave me those glimpses of your life. Our experiences, they weren't so different after all."

This is such an enchanting story.

It starts with Harry bringing a very sick Teddy to St. Mungo's where Draco is working as a paediatric Healer. But we soon learn Harry and Draco have a bit of a history. You see, after the war was over, they formed a tentative friendship. Actually, it was more than that, they were able to tell each other things, be for each other when no one else could understand, but Harry had this argument with Ron and did this stupid thing of cutting Draco off. He always regretted it, but by then Draco had moved to Australia, and now, all these years later they meet again Draco is distrustful of Harry hurting him again.

And it's lovely, the slow development of their friendship and their growing attraction, those sweet moments caring for Teddy, getting to know one another, the descriptions and characterisations are amazing. It's a beautiful story indeed. Read it and it's going to make you feel all warm. It's wonderful.
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Title: All Must Draw Near
Author: [ profile] saras_girl
Rating: R
Word Count: 58,000 Approx.
Summary: Harry doesn't have time for rumours; he has a shop to run. Which is just as well, really.

This is such a lovely story. We have Harry and Draco, who are best friends, business partners and roommates, but it isn't until Ron and Hermione tell him that everybody thinks they are a couple that Harry opens his eyes and truly see everything Draco means to him.

It really captures the spirit of the Christmas season through ever single part, the descriptions of Harry and Draco's little store, the people who become part of their lives, their families and even their pets, it's just enchanting. Lovely, truly lovely.
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Title: Fairytals Are for Muggles
Author: [ profile] awickedmemory
Rating: NC 17
Word Count: 4,300 approx.
Summary: The last thing Draco Malfoy expected to do as he walked home from a late night at work was trip over Harry Potter. [A Christmas Bonding Story]
Warning(s): Semi-creature!Harry

This story is hilarious. Draco's POV is just insane.

You see, he's not a coward; he's a "survivalist," yet when he founds Harry, part-creature, he goes against his instincts and tries to help. He also understand creature!Harry speech, which is just crazy. Really funny.
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Title: Our Way
Author: [ profile] dracogotgame
Rating: NC 17
Word Count: 4,100
Summary: Harry has a certain idea of how Christmas should be. So does Draco.

Super sweet story, about Harry and Draco compromising on the way to properly celebrate Christmas. It's chaotic, crazy and wonderful. Delightful story.
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Title: On Call
Author: [ profile] faithwood
Rating: NC 17
Word Count: 4,200 Approx.
Summary: For the rest of his life, Draco will blame what happened this Christmas on the fact that he hadn't thought to bring a book.

Very hot pwp. Harry and Draco alone in the office at Christmas. Of course they argue. And have hot, steamy sex. (But that goes without saying, yeah? ;))
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Title: It’s All Right
Author: [ profile] firethesound
Rating: NC 17
Word Count: 10,000 Approx.
Summary: his thing with Malfoy might be starting to get a little out of hand. It’d be more of a problem if Harry didn’t like it so much.
Warning(s): comeplay, felching/rimming, Dark Mark kink

This is a sequel Don’t Think Twice which I recced here.

This fic is as hot as the first part, and then some more. A LOT more. Draco is such a sexy bastard. Harry can't stand him. Or resist him.

Here a teaser for you:

Harry raises his eyebrows and tries out his best scathing look. “Seriously, Malfoy? You’re seriously giving me your cock for Christmas?”

Malfoy smirks at him. “Why not? It’s the gift that keeps on giving, after all.”

Funny, ridiculously hot, there's come play, rimming and snark, and oh! The Dark Mark kink. Delicious.

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