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Title: Étoile des Neiges
Author: [profile] bloodyflammable
Rating: R
Word Count: 32,500 Approx.
Summary: Potter was leaning against the doorframe, feet bare, jeans low on his hips, ear pierced, nose red from the cold.
He was smirking as if the sole purpose of his existence was to drive Draco crazy.
// In which the eighth years spend the holidays in a French ski resort and Draco comes to terms with his feelings.

This story is just soooo cute. I'm telling you, having the 8th years taking a ~Muggle~ Holiday was the best idea ever. \o/

The story starts when the whole group goes skiing and Harry and Draco end up alone during the first activity and apparently Harry's behind is very distracting for Draco. *nods* There's plenty of flirting and UST, board games, dares. . . Draco with a man bun (omg!) and—well, having all that UST eventually resolved. ;) Very fluffy, and lots of fun! :)
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Title: A Letter From Mr Draco Malfoy To Mrs Pansy Parkinson-Zabini, Dated September 21, 2002
Author: faviconlolneptune
Rating: R
Word Count: 2,100 Approx.
Summary: "Pans, let it be said that Harry Potter has never been one to do things halfway."

This story is just too funny. It's basically what the title says, a letter that Draco wrote to Pansy after Hermione's birthday party.

It's hilarious! I'm telling you, Draco's voice is perfect here. He talks about what people are wearing and about being attacked by flowers and of course, Harry. It almost makes no sense only it makes perfect sense. Awesome! :D
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Title: Momenti Diversi (at DW) or here at AO3 (Series) (locked for logged users)
Author: faviconzarah5
Rating: R
Word Count: 33,500
Summary: In which you'll find the Italian sun, some sexual tension, a reluctant Harry and a persuasive Draco.
Content/Warning(s): slightly AU post HBP.

This story is amazing! Just amazing. It's a Post War fic, in which Harry, in dire need of a break after the war, finds solace in Vernazza. He's been living there for a while; a happy, peaceful life, until this one day Draco – who is Head Auror by the way! – shows up and he's determined to persuade Harry to come back.

The characterisations are wonderful. We get to see Harry's life, his routine (he works at a Gelateria and swims naked every day in the ocean!!!!11!!!1) and he see Draco coming and knocking everything skew and being utterly charming and sexy while he does that. Not to mention, yeah, persuasive.

And oh my god, there's so much sexual tension between these two. It's pretty amazing, fun, witty and just wonderful.
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Title: Scenes from a life
Author: faviconsoftlyforgotten
Rating: R
Word Count: 22,500 Approx.
Summary: Several years, several Christmases, several children.
Content/Warning(s): Sequel to Such Great Heights.

This fic is just so wonderful. It's the sequel to the amazing Such Great Heights, which I recced here and here - and let me tell you, if you haven't read that one you totally should because is incredible.

Like I said, this this the sequel and it's exactly what the summary and title say, just scenes of Harry and Draco's life together, from those first months together at Hogwarts to growing older, having their family, children (oh my god, their children are brilliant!), many Christmases and so much happiness together. It's perfect and it's going to leave you with a huge smile on your face. :)
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Title: What We Pretend We Can't See
Author: [ profile] gyzym
Rating: R
Word Count: 131,200 Approx.
Summary: Seven years out from the war, Harry learns the hard truth of old history: it’s never quite as far behind you as you thought.

This story is simply gorgeous. It's beautiful and Harry and Draco's characterisations are amazing.

The story starts when a very distressed Kreacher shows up crying that Grimmauld Place and its new Master are being attacked. Harry had sold Grimmauld Place after the war, unknowingly to him, Draco had bought it and turned it into The Modern Museum of Wizarding History, and now that it's been attacked (along with Draco), Harry as the previous master of the house is called for aid. Being an Auror of course he goes to help, but the attackers escape and now he has to deal with Draco and some children who were visiting the Museum for the day.

That's how it starts, but, god, there's so much more than that, because Harry is really unhappy, he thinks he's doing OK but slowly starts realising how unhappy he truly is, how much more he could have, and Draco starts being there for him, because the attacks continue on Grimmauld Place and Draco, and Harry protects them, then slowly realising all these feelings he has for Draco (so, so slowly and then all of the sudden and—) and it's gorgeous, truly, this journey of discovery, this journey to happiness. And again, the characterisations are so rich and fun and deep, of Harry and Draco, Ron and Hermione, Blaise, Pansy, even Kreacher. It's amazing, this story.
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Title: Lift Your Open Hand
Author: [personal profile] firethesound
Rating: R
Word Count: 19,000 Approx.
Summary: Harry been prepared for things to go poorly with Draco Malfoy as his assigned partner for the next six weeks of Auror training, but getting themselves accidentally bonded to each other in the first twenty minutes of their very first assignment seemed going above and beyond, even for them.

Bonding fic! \o/ And yep, like the summary says, right after being assigned to partners and in their very first mission, one that should have been quite easy, they end up bonded. :D After a brief ~debate about how they are going to handle being bonded, Harry moves in to Draco's flat and at first it seems it's going to be okay, but then—actually, I'm going to leave you with a little quote:

Because Malfoy was an attractive person, Harry couldn’t deny that. He’d known for years that Malfoy was exactly his type. But for years that knowledge had only remained an idle observation because Malfoy was horrible and it was really hard to be properly attracted to someone when you also wanted to punch them in their stupid pointy nose all the time. But this Malfoy? Who was still a little sleepy and still a little rumpled, warm and loose and relaxed and for once not being a total arse?

Yeah. Harry could already see this was going to be a problem.

!!! So wonderful! :D
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Title: 1,000 Points From Gryffindor
Author: [personal profile] blithelybonny
Rating: NC 17
Word Count: 25,000 Approx.
Summary: The story of how Harry Potter single-handedly lost Gryffindor the House Cup while attempting to have a “normal” year at Hogwarts. Featuring Harry's suspicious nature turned up to eleven again, a new DADA teacher who is so not here for Harry’s fame, multiple detentions, Slytherins being sneaky, Hufflepuffs being sneakier, and the mystery of Draco Malfoy's hoodie because seriously Hermione who gave that to him and is he wearing it just to torment me? This is ridiculous!

This fic, well, it's basically the cutest thing ever. Like it says in the summary, Harry's trying to have a normal year at Hogwarts, worry only about his classes and homework and Quidditch, but if we're talking about normal for Harry, naturally that means being obsessed about Draco. I mean, obviously.

What's Draco doing? Well, he's wearing a Hufflepuff hoodie. And it's awesome, this hoodie; it's got badgers on the sleeves and a bit 'Hufflepride' emblazoned on the back and he's wearing it all the time, and Harry's dying to know why. He has all these crazy theories, and what's worse (and by "worse" I mean better!) he, Draco, knows he's driving Harry crazy. But that's not all either, he's being friendly to other Houses, hanging out with Hufflepuffs and Ravenclaws alike and yeah, Harry needs to know what's the deal.

And the road to Harry unravelling the mystery of Draco's hoodie is completely awesome and hilarious, losing, well, 1,000 points in the process, but also gaining so much more. :D
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Title: The Prince and the Horseman
Author: [ profile] _melodic_
Rating: R
Word Count: 12,500 Approx.
Summary: Prince Draco reluctantly prepares for the arrival of his potential betrothed from a neighbouring kingdom when he meets Harry Potter, their Master of the Horse. The peasant boy is stubborn, rude and willful—of course, Prince Draco is determined to court him.
Content/Warning(s): Fantasy/Historical AU

There's something super enchanting about Fantasy and Royal AUs.

In this fic Draco is a Royal Prince and his (wicked) father is in negotiations with the Weasley family for a weeding-alliance that will benefit his kingdom. Only Ron comes to see the negotiations and with him he brings his newly-hired Master of the Horse, one Harry Potter, who absolutely captures Draco's attention. Though they fight and antagonise each other, they attraction can't be denied, especially when Harry sees how much Draco cares of hi beautiful stallion (not in that way, come on lol), and he loves seeing that softer side of Draco. Very enchanting indeed. :)
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Title: A Thousand Beautiful Things
Author: [ profile] geoviki
Rating: R
Word Count: 104,000 Approx.
Summary: Draco Malfoy struggles with changed fortunes, shifted alliances, an ugly war, and an unusual spell, with the help of a concerned professor, an insightful house-elf, and an unexpected Gryffindor friend.
Content/Warning(s): Canon divergence (AU) after OotP.

I cannot believe I hadn't recced this before, because it's really amazing and definitely one of my favourites.

It's an AU after Order of the Phoenix, in which Draco is a spy for the Order and starts training with Snape for when the time comes. It's not linear, because the story starts when the war is over and won and Draco's facing Lucius's death.

It has different POVs, and all brilliant. We got to see the development of Dean and Draco's friendship after the war (Dean is so, so awesome! But so is Seamus!), after Draco saved Dean and Seamus, we get Draco's POV and even Snape's POV. It's very complex and rich in characterisations.

The heart of it is, we learn that back when Harry and Draco were at Hogwarts, before the war broke, Lucius cast a spell on Harry that would trigger after his death. This spell would make Harry every evening to insult and abuse his friends (verbally) until exhaustion, and if left alone he'd be a danger to himself. Draco witnessed Lucius casting the spell, but during the war, and even after the war, dealing with the Ministry and the aftermath - because even though he was cleared as an ally of the Light, people still don't trust a Malfoy - he forgot, and it’s not until Dean mentions Harry's having a hard that he remembers, sees the effect of Lucius's curse first hand, and he's faced with a choice. He could break the spell, but he could also lose everything, for to break the spell he needs to make a Vow of Silence.

It's fantastic, this fic. The way Draco is there for Harry through these 'cursed' evenings, the way he see the story (past and present) unfold, the way Draco changes with time, friendships made, and Harry's growing need for Draco, it's all so very good, man! Read it if you haven't, and you know, if have, read it again because it's truly brilliant. :D

Tagged both War!Fic and EWE because it jumps in time)
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Title: Erosmancy
Author: [ profile] astolat
Rating: R
Word Count: 11,000 Approx.
Summary: Blaise was immune to whatever it was people usually felt around his mother, for which he was profoundly grateful, since no one needed an Oedipal complex on quite that spectacular a scale, but that didn’t mean he didn’t have a thorough respect for her gift.
Content/Warning(s): Canon Divergence (AU, post OotP)

Oh my god, this story is so, so good! It's written from Blaise's POV, and it starts at the end of OotP, when Blaise's mum realises Draco is special. He's an erosmancer, which means Draco is in great danger staying in Voldemort's side. What being an erosmancer means to Draco is, aside from the sexual power he'll have, he can store wizards and witches's powers, and then give it to someone else, ideally his bonded one, but it's obvious that Voldemort won't ask nicely, so his best bet is going to Dumbledore, which he does, and Mrs Zabini starts training him.

Like I said, ideally Draco should bond – and you know where this is going, right? XD

It's really cool! Not only there's some pretty nifty Erosmancy lore that we learn while Draco trains, Harry and Draco's reaction to each other, the way they resist (and fight!) is, well, explosive to say the least. Very intense and super interesting. Also, Blaise, you know? :D
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Title: Magic Man
Author: [ profile] dracogotgame
Rating: R
Word Count: 8,100 Approx.
Summary: Draco has been exiled to live in the Muggle World, where he's actually doing alright as an amateur stage magician. Harry has been tasked to determine if he's using real magic to enhance his performances.

This fic is entirely too delightful. Draco's been exiled to live with the Muggles, and after several attempts at finding a job, he finally ~found his call.~ He's a magician! But Kinsley isn't too happy about it because he's not supposed to do magic, but then Draco's parole officer explains him he's not using magic he's only pretending. But all the same he has to go ask for Draco's wand.

And then he sees Draco's show, and you're going to love him performing, probably not as much as Harry though! :D
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Title: Handcuffs
Author: [ profile] fantasyfiend09
Rating: R
Word Count: 7,200
Summary: Draco is celebrating his 30th birthday with his parents on their private island. Showing up without a date is not an option.

This fic is so much fun! Pretend relationship, yes! \o/ In which Draco very badly needs someone to accompany him to his 30th birthday celebration so his parents aren't on his case about getting him a fiancé. Enters Harry who offers to help before even knowing what he was offering, and of course, Draco takes full advantage.

But it's OK because while ~pretending to date, Harry realises exactly what he's been missing. Super!
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Title: A Scandal, An Exile, A Snarky Blond Delivery Man and Three Reindeer or here at AO3
Author: [ profile] sassy_cissa
Rating: R
Word Count: 13,000 Approx.
Summary: What's a man to do when he's unceremoniously outed in the Prophet?

This is a darling of a fic, truly. In which Harry is outted in the Prophet, and to spare himself the bother of dealing with everything, he simply goes away for a while to Luna's cabin in Finland, which sounds very good, only once he's there he learns one Draco Malfoy is the one who will do all his deliveries. :D

Lovely! I'm telling you, Harry realising he likes a bit too much Draco's visits, how he misses him, ah, it'll leave you with a big smile on your face. If you're looking for a fluffy-comfort read, this is it. :)
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Title: Draco and Harry's Illicit Affair (and how Blaise Zabini wants nothing to do with it)
Author: faviconveterization
Rating: R
Word Count: 8,400
Summary: Blaise has the luck to stumble upon his friend romping around in Potter's pants. Multiple times.
Content/Warning(s): Blaise's POV.

This fic is so much fun, it's 8th year, from Blaise Zabini's POV, and it's, basically about Blaise realising there's a change in Draco's attitude towards Harry. He still spends a lot of time watching Harry, but, let's say, the intent is a bit different. ^^

Blaise, smart chap he is, pretty quickly realises what's going on, and unintentionally ends up being witness to some flirting, some sexy times, and even fighting. And through all this Draco is trying to pretend he's not shagging Harry.

So basically Blaise is watching a fanfic happen. And you know, the cool thing is, as you read, you're going to go, 'I believe this!' :D
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Title: The Years Before Love
Author: [ profile] lomonaaeren
Rating: R
Word Count: 13,000 Approx.
Summary: Harry didn’t ever dream he could have a family beyond the Weasleys. But then, at one point he didn’t dream he could have a family beyond the Dursleys, either. He tries not to think too much about those years, but in a way, they’ve made him what he was and given him what he has now.

This story is so sweet and gentle. It's about Harry being a bit adrift after the war and being sort of adopted by Andromeda, unofficially, moving in with her and Teddy and just finding his place in life, what he wants to be. Finding a family.

And of course, that family eventually includes Narcissa and Draco who visit often. Harry and Draco's interactions are so sweet, their friendship and relationship so lovely paced. This definitely a feel-good story. :)
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Title: Unseen
Author: faviconastolat
Rating: R
Word Count: 10,800 Approx.
Summary: When he wasn’t wearing it, he got jumpy, always waiting for someone to come at him wanting something—and now they did it even more urgently, if they ever saw him, because most of the time, nobody did.

This fic was inspired by alekina's gorgeous Harry/Draco and the Invisibility Cloak. And it's about Harry being harassed by 'fans' everywhere; on the streets, at work, even at home. It gets so bad he starts using his Invisibility Cloak all the time and become a bit dependant of it, and it isn't until Draco dares him to stop using it that he reacts and does something.

It's funny and sweet, with a touch of drama; truly fantastic.
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Title: House Proud
Author: faviconastolat
Rating: R
Word Count: 23,000 Approx.
Summary: His house liked Draco Malfoy more than him.

As the summary says, Harry's house likes Draco more than it likes him. But you know, Harry does have conflicted/negative feelings about Grimmauld Place, why wouldn't his house have conflicted feel the same way about him, right?

And there's room for this to be funny, and there are funny moments; the house pretty much flourishes when Draco is around, but it's all sad, daunting and decay for Harry, which ultimately leads to Harry and Draco being trapped inside the house. And yet, at the same time we understand how and why Harry feels this way about his Grimmauld Place, there are wonderful insights into Harry's character here:

“It was a mess when I first got here! I didn’t know what it could be like, I didn’t grow up with a manor and a house elf looking after me. And then you swanned in and the place just fell over itself to make clear I was—second-rate,” Harry said, but the word that had really wanted to come out at the end was unwanted, some useless hateful freakish thing left on the doorstep, only to be shoved in a dingy corner—under the stairs—and ignored as much as possible. He swallowed.

We also get to see Harry, with Draco's help, working very, very hard to make Grimmauld Place his own, and the result is wonderful. :)
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Title: Timeshare
Author: faviconastolat
Rating: R
Word Count: 14,000 Approx.
Summary: “It’s not for long,” Hermione said. “By the time we get back to Hogwarts, the Unfettering Brew will be ready.”
“Listen to you!” Ron said. “He’s got to get through a month with the Dursleys and a month at Malfoy Manor. With Draco Malfoy.”
“Yeah, thanks,” Harry said, because he hadn’t just spent the last week contemplating just how much more horrible his summer holidays were about to be than they’d ever been before.

Content/Warning(s): Magical AU: Canon Divergence (AU after 6th year, timeline suggested by author.)

God, this story is so amazing, such a surprise! I really didn't know what to expect of a fic in which Harry has to spend half his holiday with the Dursleys and the rest with the Malfoys. I mean, from one shitty situation to a shitter one, right?

Only once I started reading I realised Harry and Draco are somehow bonded (unwillingly) and can't be away from each other.

So! They go to the Dursleys first and Uncle Vernon starts at them telling them how he doesn't want "any funny business" and basically being his charming self, only I completely forgot Draco. He reacts in the perfect way! Oh my god, telling Uncle Vernon stuff like: “Listen very carefully, worm,” he said through his teeth. “I don’t know what sort of behavior Potter lets you get away with, but I am not a pathetic Muggle-loving excuse of a wizard. Which is pretty damn awesome, come on, aren't you laughing yet?

It was brilliant, and Draco's so snarky through it. Then they go to the Malfoys and things get complicated there, the see the bond evolving, we see their feelings for each other evolving. Pretty brilliant, this fic.
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Title: The Deeper Symbolism Behind Golden Apples
Author: [ profile] oldenuf2nb
Rating: R
Word Count: 26,000 Approx.
Summary: When the Wizengamot insists Chief Auror Harry Potter pose for a statue for the Ministry Atrium, why are his friends reluctant to tell him who the sculptor is?

This story is lovely. As the summary says the Wizengamot has commissioned a statue of Harry to be placed in the Ministry Atrium for the tenth year anniversary of the Battle at Hogwarts. Naturally Harry is not very happy about this at all, but he doesn't have much of a choice.

What Harry doesn't know (yet) is that they've commissioned this statue to Draco, and once he finds out, well, things are very different. Soon we learn that Harry and Draco were together after the way, the broke up (for the wrong reasons), but maybe they're ready to try again, to not let anything break them apart this time.
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Title: We're More Than Ordinary
Author: [ profile] digthewriter
Rating: R
Word Count: 12,800 Approx.
Summary: After a freak accident, which was totally Potter's fault, Draco has to live as Potter for three days. It isn't a party for Harry, either.

This fic is very entertaining.

The summary is already telling you that Harry and Draco managed to switch bodies and now they had to live as the other for three days. And they can't tell anyone, so they will try to fool—well, everybody. But there's more, obviously. :D

They have all these unresolved ~feelings towards each other. How these are going to get resolved though? Well, that's what the story is also about. It has a lot of sweet and funny moments! :D
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Title: Golden Age
Author: [ profile] zeitgeistic
Rating: R
Word Count: 52,000 Approx.
Summary: The Celtic druids once made a decision that kept magic in abundance in Britannia, but they couldn’t account for the technological advances Muggles would make centuries later. Now magic is dying on the isles, and this is not a dark lord that Harry can fight. OR: Harry Potter doesn’t save the world this time, but he does get a lot of hugs.

This story was such a joy to read. Harry and the rest of the 7th and 8th year students are to be re-sorted, and Harry, who was not happy about this at all, goes first.

It turns out, he ends up a Hufflepuff. :D But so end up a few other familiar faces, including one Draco Malfoy. Harry is actually quite content to end up a Hufflepuff, and is determined to learn Draco's Huffflepuffian side, too. (Naturally.)

But you have to read, how wonderful this author wrote this house, its values and secrets and ritual and what an amazing House this is.

But that's not all, as a project Neville discovers magic is leaving the land, and soon the veils protecting magical dwellings, cities are going to fail and the magical world will be exposed and the House of Hufflepuff will be fundamental to fix it.

That's what this story is about, but more so, it comes with amazing characterisations and descriptions and moments that are touching, endearing, emotional and amazing fun. Read it! :D
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Title: Of Infinite Longings
Author: [ profile] lauren3210
Rating: R
Word Count: 6,700 Approx.
Summary: Draco likes books. Harry doesn’t, but he thinks he might like Draco.

This story is lovely. There's something very peaceful and comforting about it. I think it's because the fic is about books. :D About Draco loving books, reading books, and Harry watching Draco and noticing all these things he hadn't noticed before. His smile, his fingers, the voice, there are some wonderful descriptions there. And of course, Harry realising he's obsessed about Draco all over again in a different way.

Also, Draco in glasses, awesome, basically. :D
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Title: Where's Granger When You Need Her?
Author: faviconplayout
Rating: R
Word Count: 11,000 Approx.
Summary: Hogwarts' Potions Master is working on an experimental brew. He really should know better than to turn his back on an unstable potion. Now if only there were someone in the castle who could help...
Warning(s): Animagus!Draco

This fic is just so much fun. Indeed, as the summary says Draco's been working an experimental Potion – an animagus potion! Only it is a bit unstable, and well, it explodes. On him. And turns him into something. :D Something he's not very proud of, but he's really very cute. Anyway, in such state though he need someone to help him brew the antidote, right? And after much deliberation he figures the Flying Instructor is his best bet. So off he goes to find one Harry Potter.

And boy, does he find him. Trust me, you want to read exactly what he finds Harry does. And his reaction. But really, the whole story is super funny and entertaining. :D
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Title: The Name on Your Forehead
Author: faviconKiarawolf
Rating: R
Word Count: 10,400 Approx.
Summary: The Weasley twin’s latest invention, a glitter-bomb that causes the name of your crush to appear across your forehead, wrecks havoc among the students of Hogwarts. As usual, Harry’s the one who bears the brunt of it.

This is a really cool and entertaining story. :D

It's as the summary says, once this bomb goes off near you, the name of the person you have a crush on appears on your forehead, and it's only after they kiss you (or you kiss them, I suppose), it vanishes.

I'm not sure if I actually need to say more? You can guess whose names Harry and Draco get written, yeah? Only, of course they aren't exactly happy about it. Not at first anyway. :D
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Title: Get a Room or here at AO3
Author: [ profile] lumosed_quill
Rating: R
Word Count: 4,000 Approx.
Summary: Harry and Draco have been seeing each other for six months now, and they really can't keep their hands off one another, especially when they get a little drunk.

This story is a delight, it's charming and warm-hearting.

This is Harry and Draco together, written from Pansy's POV and it happens when they are out at a pub with a group of friends. We see them through Pansy's eyes, the way they are so go together, silly, in love and yes, they can't keep their hands off each other at all.

It's wonderful, you'll fall in love with them through her eyes, you'll see, and leave you with a big smile on your face.
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Title: Five Times Draco Went to Potions
Author: faviconRalph_E_Silvering
Rating: R
Word Count: 8,200 Approx.
Summary: Hogwarts Year Eight. Five times Draco goes to Potions and One time he does not. Features Draco/Harry, a very observant Hermione, and Draco's plans to take over the known world, starting with Hogwarts.

This fic, boy, it's a lot of fun. It counts five times Draco goes to Potion and one he doesn't, and the reasons of why this happened, obviously. :D

Draco's characterisation is a darling here! There's a lot of bickering and ~flirting~, Harry and Draco being partnered in Potions (the horror!, daydreaming, "evil" plotting and sweet ending. Don't miss it, it's really cute. :)
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Title: He's So Lucky (He's A Star)
Author: [ profile] digthewriter
Rating: R
Word Count: 21,500
Summary: Potter has everything he could ever ask for. The perfect life. Then why does he look so sad when no one else is looking? Except for Draco, because Draco’s always looking.
Content/Warning(s): First person point of view. Infidelity implied (not between Harry/Draco). In the closet-scenario. (more at the post)

This fic is just lovely. :) You see, Draco works as a photographer for The Oracle, a wizarding news publication, far more legit than the Prophet. He covers a series of events and investigations, but when it comes to Harry, he always looks pass what the eye sees. He sees Harry, apparently living a perfect, happy life, but Draco knows it's all for show, he sees the hints of sorrow and loneliness. And it's not until he discovers something very off about his marriage to Ginny that he finally approaches Harry.

Harry, realising Draco knows what's going on, opens up to him, tells him the truth about him and Ginny, about himself, and they start meeting, talking, being friends. But there's more than friendship, no matter how they try to pretend otherwise, their mutual attraction (and obsession!) cannot be ignored. Really, very sweet, the slow progress of their friendship until they admit it's more, lovely. ^^

There's no graphic sex on screen, but switching is very much implied.
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Title: The Art of Perfection
Author: [ profile] create_serenity
Rating: R
Word Count: 19,000 Approx.
Summary: Harry cursed the day he’d ever made the stupid bet with Ron because that bet was what had led to him being naked in front of a Muggle art class. Of course Draco Malfoy had to be taking the class, because that’s just how Harry’s life worked.

This story is a delight. As the summary says, Harry lost a bet and now he's going to be posing nude in a Muggle art class, which, surprisingly enough one Draco Malfoy is taking, who, not quite surprisingly has a supremely nice arse. :D

It's wonderful, Harry's reactions to seeing him, Draco suave attitude (and gorgeous self) at seeing Harry, their interactions. It's all really entertaining and sweet.
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Title: The Fine Old Truth
Author: [ profile] vaysh
Rating: R
Word Count: 9,800 Approx.
Summary: The year is 2078, Harry and Draco are both 98, an age to be proud of even for wizarding kind. Pride, though, is not on either man's mind, as they meet at Geezers Old Folks' Hotel shortly before the 80th anniversary of the Battle of Hogwarts.
Content/Warning(s): Epilogue Compliant

This story is gorgeous. It's Epilogue Compliant, Harry and Draco are [much] older, still young for wizarding life-span, and the story starts when Draco moves in to the place Harry's living.

The characterisations are beautiful, the way we learn a bit about their back stories is both familiar and refreshing, such a different view and take of what their lives have been. And now they meet again, slightly aged, more mature but still, there's a comfort about their ever present antagonism until it becomes something else, comfort and more. Truly lovely.
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Title: Running Up That Hill
Author: [ profile] hazel_wand
Rating: R
Word Count: 12,7000 Approx.
Summary: Harry had spent the first years after the war waiting and trying to fall in love with Ginny and had been unable to. It had turned out all right, sort of. Ginny had settled down with the Harpies’ Seeker and Harry, well, Harry had Draco. Sometimes.

This story is so interesting and intriguing, and it's emotional too.

Harry and Draco have this relationship of sorts, if it can be called that. They are together, but they aren't really together. Harry is never sure where he stands with Draco, because he comes and goes, and they fight and then they are good. And at the same time, Harry was just promoted to Head Auror after the previous Head Auror was murdered, and he's being subtly threatened, spied on by someone who's sending him photos of himself and his friends. There's also a cat. And there's Ginny who is amazing. :D

It's really very cool, how everything comes together at the end. Very engaging.

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