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Title: What We Pretend We Can't See
Author: [ profile] gyzym
Rating: R
Word Count: 131,200 Approx.
Summary: Seven years out from the war, Harry learns the hard truth of old history: it’s never quite as far behind you as you thought.

This story is simply gorgeous. It's beautiful and Harry and Draco's characterisations are amazing.

The story starts when a very distressed Kreacher shows up crying that Grimmauld Place and its new Master are being attacked. Harry had sold Grimmauld Place after the war, unknowingly to him, Draco had bought it and turned it into The Modern Museum of Wizarding History, and now that it's been attacked (along with Draco), Harry as the previous master of the house is called for aid. Being an Auror of course he goes to help, but the attackers escape and now he has to deal with Draco and some children who were visiting the Museum for the day.

That's how it starts, but, god, there's so much more than that, because Harry is really unhappy, he thinks he's doing OK but slowly starts realising how unhappy he truly is, how much more he could have, and Draco starts being there for him, because the attacks continue on Grimmauld Place and Draco, and Harry protects them, then slowly realising all these feelings he has for Draco (so, so slowly and then all of the sudden and—) and it's gorgeous, truly, this journey of discovery, this journey to happiness. And again, the characterisations are so rich and fun and deep, of Harry and Draco, Ron and Hermione, Blaise, Pansy, even Kreacher. It's amazing, this story.
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