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Title: No Want of Motive
Author: [personal profile] oceaxe
Rating: NC 17
Word Count: 28,000 Approx.
Summary: Draco’s side business requires him to know the hidden motivations of those he’s dealing with. When a chance encounter with Potter gives him a fascinating glimpse into the boy hero’s motivations, he can’t help but try to exploit his new insight. Featuring flirting, friendship, fantasies, furious denial, half-hearted denial, loss of denial, and a surprising lack of puns.
Content/Warning(s): minor Harry/Ginny, mention of past Draco/others

Such a cool and awesome fic. It starts with Draco wanting to sell some questionable artifacts, but you see, first he wants to know what motivations people have to buy them, so they don't end up with a Dark Wizard-wannabe, so he get this Motive Monitor that tells him people motivations/intentions, and right after he gets it, yep, he runs into Harry. And of course he uses it on Harry, and quite surprised to see it points to 'sexual attraction'! He starts flirting with Harry, first to get a rise out of him, but you know, being attracted to Harry himself, it is a bit of a double-edged sword. :D

Anyway, Draco ends up in some trouble and Auror in training Harry is appointed to tail him, which obviously drives Harry (and Draco!) crazy. There's tons of UST and smoking hot scenes (maybe a hint to unwilling attraction there ftw!), and eventually they have to face this sexual attraction becoming more than just sexual. Super!
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