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Title: Write the Way Out
Author: [personal profile] carpemermaid
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: 14,600 Approx.
Summary: When Draco finally gets his first real assignment as a reporter for the Daily Prophet, he didn’t imagine that he would be given the Potter beat. Resigning himself to writing boring pieces about dull charity functions and various Auror missions, Draco is more than surprised when he follows Potter into Muggle London and discovers Potter’s secret.
Content/Warning(s): mentions of Harry/OMCs, past Draco/Blaise if you squint

Awesome fic, in which Draco, after years working at the Daily Prophet is finally given a serious assignment, which is, Potter Watch, basically. He doesn't see the humour in it, though Blaise clearly does:

“Look at you, fulfilling your teenage aspiration to follow Potter around with a running commentary,” Blaise teased, elbowing Draco sharply in the soft space under his ribs.

And so Draco starts following Harry and discovers something rather interesting. Basically Harry going to Muggle London and spending his night at gay nightclubs. In fact:

He spent the better part of an hour trying not to die of shock as he watched the wizarding world’s Golden Boy grinding his arse against the groin of the man he was dancing with.

Quite the revelation, yeah? :D But then Draco makes himself seen and one thing leads to another and soon Harry abandons the Muggle to spend his night with Draco (yes, like that!) and –well, it's rather awesome, with a bit of oblivious Draco and smitten Harry and Draco and sexy times!

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