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[sticky entry] Sticky: Harry/Draco Fanfiction Recs Archive


Hogwarts Era, 8th Year, War Time, Post Hogwarts (EwE & Epilogue Compliant), Post Hogwarts EWE, Post Hogwarts Epilogue Compliant.

G & PG, PG-13, R, NC-17.

Auror, Unspeakable, Other Ministry Job, Healer, Teacher, Unusual Careers, Working with Potions.

Angst, Drama, Fluff, Humour, Smut (PWP), Dark Fics
Alternate Universe: AU: Magical, AU: Non Magical
Mpreg: Mpreg: Draco, Mpreg: Harry,
Magical Creature: Vampire, Veela, Werewolf, Other.

Animagus & Transformations, Bonding!Fics, Bodyguard/Charge, Caring/Nursing, Christmas, De-age, Disabilities, Dominance & Submission, Drug Use & addictions, Dub-con/Non-con, Established Relationship, First Time, Harry and/or Draco working for the other, Infidelity, Kinks: Miscellaneous (ex. Cross-dressing, bondage, dirty talk, gender-bender and other fetishes), Memory Loss, Mental Illness, Parenting, Prison/captivity, Prostitution, Quidditch, Time Travel

5,000 words or less, Between 5,000 and 10,000 words, Between 10,000 and 20,000 words, Between 20,000 and 50,000 words, Over 50,000 words

And because no romance is complete without this piece of info:

Bottom!Draco & Bottom!Harry. (Be careful because they switch! That's when a story is tagged with both b!draco and b!harry. And don't forget to check the NC-17 tag, there are a lot of stories that don't have penetrative sex but are really smutty. :D)

If you want the links without the running commentary, here you go: A slightly simpler list of Harry/Draco Recs.

If you want to check out my Themed Recs made at Tumblr you can find a list Here. (updated every weekend)

If you find a broken link or a mistake, please let me know so I can fix it. Thank you, and enjoy!

Oh, hey! I almost forgot! If you want to rec me a story that is not in the archive, by all means, please do so. I love discovering new stories. :)
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Étoile des Neiges by bloodyflammable

Title: Étoile des Neiges
Author: [profile] bloodyflammable
Rating: R
Word Count: 32,500 Approx.
Summary: Potter was leaning against the doorframe, feet bare, jeans low on his hips, ear pierced, nose red from the cold.
He was smirking as if the sole purpose of his existence was to drive Draco crazy.
// In which the eighth years spend the holidays in a French ski resort and Draco comes to terms with his feelings.

This story is just soooo cute. I'm telling you, having the 8th years taking a ~Muggle~ Holiday was the best idea ever. \o/

The story starts when the whole group goes skiing and Harry and Draco end up alone during the first activity and apparently Harry's behind is very distracting for Draco. *nods* There's plenty of flirting and UST, board games, dares. . . Draco with a man bun (omg!) and—well, having all that UST eventually resolved. ;) Very fluffy, and lots of fun! :)
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Strangers in a Dark Room by shiftylinguini

Title: Strangers in a Dark Room
Author: [personal profile] shiftylinguini
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: 3,100 Approx.
Summary: Harry clenches his jaw, sets the files down on the desk between them. “Remind me what you were picked up for again?” he asks pointedly, hands resting over the smooth paper.

“Oh,” Draco shakes his head dismissively, “who can remember. Loitering, was it?”

“Soliciting, Malfoy!”
Content/Warning(s): Rentboy, RPG

Oh god, such a smoking hot little story RIGHT HERE. It's Draco, well, check the summary. Yeah, it's Draco caught soliciting, and not for the first time! He's also been ~apprehended~ for Lewd and lascivious behaviour, possession of illegal narcotics, public indecency. Yeah. And Auror Potter is going to put a stop to the behaviour! It's brilliant! \o/
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Potter's Insatiable Cock by FleetofShippyShips

Title: Potter's Insatiable Cock
Author: faviconFleetofShippyShips
Rating: NC-18
Word Count: 20,200 Approx.
Summary: Potter comes out, and starts frequenting gay wizarding clubs. Only, he can't seem to find anyone to hold his interest, much to Draco's ongoing amusement, until one night, things become clearer, and he has a proposition for Draco. // Basically: Harry Potter is a virgin, and he wants Draco to rid him of his virginity.

Basically: Harry Potter is a virgin, and he wants Draco to rid him of his virginity. <----- THIS! :D

Basically Draco's tired to see Harry trying to ~score~ at the local gay bar and, well, they both think it's a great idea that Draco be Harry's first since they don't like each other and then Draco's not going to be fawning all over Harry, which Harry hates – erm, the fawning, not Draco. ;) And Draco finds the idea of being Harry's first Most Alluring.

Of course, having sex with Harry turns nothing at all like Draco expected. It's much better, or worse, depending. Super fun, and sexy. :D
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Divination For Dickheads by Seefin

Title: Divination For Dickheads
Author: faviconSeefin
Rating: PG
Word Count: 6,900 Approx.
Summary: It doesn't actually turn out to be the worst birthday present he's ever been given.

This fic is adorable! There's Seer!Draco here!

It starts with it being Harry's birthday and Ginny's gift to Harry is a session with Draco. Who Harry has a huge crush on. And who Harry is Very Bad at flirting with.

But it's OK because Draco seems to know something is going on. And it gets better because then Harry invites Draco to his birthday party (at an aquarium!) where a bit more of bad flirting might or might not ensue. It's really wonderful. :D
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Strange Bathfellows by bixgirl1

Title: Strange Bathfellows
Author: [personal profile] bixgirl1
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: 27,700 Approx.
Summary: It started with a bath. Or a potions accident. Or maybe it started before that, but who can tell anymore. // Featuring: Uncomfortable wanking, more comfortable wanking, mutual wanking, bath sharing, inappropriate betting, secret shagging, those secrets at Hogwarts that everyone knows, and oblivious Harry who knows one thing: he's falling in love.

This story is just so cool. Just look at what it features! :D

It starts with a Potions accident. A badly-brewed Potion is spilled onto Harry and Draco's crotches (I KNOW!) and now they must follow this treatment (which includes baths) in order for their dicks not to fall off – true story! They must take this bath together for half an hour every day and then rub some lotion. It's actually rather brilliant, and every bit as much fun (and mortifying at the beginning) as you can imagine. Naturally one things leads to another and soon they come to an agreement that turns to more, at least on Harry's side. ;)
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choosing my confessions by quietregulus

Title: choosing my confessions
Author: faviconquietregulus
Rating: R
Word Count: 38,200 Approx.
Summary: After much deliberation and several unhealthy coping methods, Harry decides to go to a Muggle mental health support group. Who else would be there but Draco Malfoy?
Content/Warning(s): Mental Health Issues, mention of past self harm

This story is such a beautiful journey. As the summary says, it starts as Harry goes for the first time to a Muggle mental health support group and in his very first visit he runs into Draco.

He promised Hermione he'd go though, because for a long, long time Harry hasn't been doing well and his friends have been worried. So he keeps going and making friends with other people in the group, and after one screaming match (according to Harry's new friend Sam, the first ever in the group – trust Harry and Draco to break that record ^^), they finally decide to be civil. They go to a pub together to celebrate Sam's birthday (who is a wonderful OC!) and, well. You know, one things leads to another and they do the deed right there and then.

And then again the following week which turns to so much more. And it's brilliant, to see them getting better together, to see them talking and arguing and moving on.

There's Ron and Hermione who are lovely, and Luna and Ginny who are also beyond awesome. It's a beautiful story.
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Waiting for a Song by korlaena

Title: Waiting for a Song
Author: [profile] korlaena
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: 49,600 Approx.
Summary: After a couple years spent avoiding Draco in the Auror Department, Harry gets assigned to work with Draco on one of his strange cases. They investigate the mysterious disappearances of a witch and wizard, but in their search for the missing persons they find a lot more than they were looking for.

There's such a lovely development in this story. As the summary says, Harry is assigned to work with Draco in one of Draco's very strange cases. This one is about mysterious disappearances from these magical woods. At first Draco doesn't make it easy for Harry, but Harry is really going to try, he knows Draco is the expert and respects that. It also doesn't hurt that he thinks Draco is gorgeous. :D

But really, they make a great team; Draco is a bit of a workaholic and Harry makes him pace himself. We get to see Draco's Animagus form (so wonderful!), see their attraction becoming undeniable, eventually all the unresolved sexual tension coming to a head and they admit how they feel, even if Draco still has his reservations, and all through this the case that is so interesting! Really awesome stuff, I'm telling you! :D
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You And Me by bixgirl1

Title: You And Me
Author: [personal profile] bixgirl1
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: 28,000 Approx.
Summary: When Harry sits down with Malfoy, he's really only looking for a reprieve from the constant stares and whispers. (Mostly.) What he gets instead are a series of strange events that lead to a friendship that is something else, questions that nobody knows how to answer, and the realisation that the person that Harry doesn't know how to hate, anymore, seems to be the person who knows exactly what he needs. // A story in which everything is complicated. And yet, somehow, none of it is.
Content/Warning(s): D/s, under-negotiated kink, implied subspace, Veritaserum, life debts

This story is fantastic! If you haven't read it yet, GOoo! :D

It's an 8th Year fic, in which Harry's tired of all the attention he's been getting, plus he's been watching Draco, and in an unplanned move, this one day he goes to sit with Draco in the library.

Little by little this happens more and more often. But god, it's so much more than that. You see, there's something happening between Harry and Draco, there's this amazing sexual tension, but on top, there's the Life Debt between them and Harry's afraid that Draco is. . . receptive to his. . . advances because of the Life Debt, and they are sort of terrible to communicate properly, you see?

But still, they can't help themselves, even though their relationships is confusing and so intense, they just want each other. And god, it's just delicious. The way Draco reacts when Harry asks him to do something, the way he clearly feels when that happens and about Harry, and the way that makes Harry feel, it's so so good.

I believe I'm making a mess of this rec, but truly, you should read it now because it's fantastic and intense and super sexy. You're not going to regret it, mark my words! :D
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The Games We Play by gracerene

Title: The Games We Play
Author: [personal profile] gracerene
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: 3,800 Approx.
Summary: A familiar case resurfaces in an unexpected way, and Harry knows exactly who's to blame.
Content/Warning(s): vigilantism, arson, glove!kink, references to breathplay, praise!kink, finger-fucking

This is a delicious fic in which, lord, in which Harry and Draco have such a fantastic and sexy dynamic, with banter and flirting and high dose of kinky, sexy sex after a bit of vigilantism. Trust me, it's so good! :D
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(Un)Calculated Risk by love_glows27

Title: (Un)Calculated Risk
Author: [profile] love_glows27
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: 6,900
Summary: He thought about the way Harry looked at him, smiled at him; about the way Draco’s head was nearly always full of him, all day every day, and about the way Draco sometimes deliberately went to bed still smelling of him, refusing to acknowledge what it meant – because he already fucking knew what it meant. What all of it meant. And then Draco decided, fuck it, he was going to risk it. They were going to risk it together, Harry and Draco.

Delicious, delicious story in which, oh my god, okay, Harry and Draco have been together in secret and obviously Harry's ready to tell the world, Draco is a bit wary and there's a hell of a lot of rimming and fucking and these two being completely in love and dorks. Seriously, this fic is going to make your day, it's hot, super sweet, smoking hot and just brilliant. <3

It comes with some gorgeous art here and here by the awesome @fae-voritensfw. Don't forget to check them out! :)
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Be Still by writcraft

Title: Be Still
Author: [personal profile] writcraft
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: 5,000 Approx.
Summary: Harry’s back in England and Draco tries to fix things before he disappears again.

This is such a gorgeous story. There's something sort of peaceful about it. It's a story about Harry coming back to England, as the summary says, and pretty soon we learn Harry and Draco were together before Harry left, and now that Harry's back, Draco's going to try, to try to make things work, because they were amazing together, fighting and fucking, but this time they should also talk. It's wonderful, there's so much want.

It's a beautiful reunion of two people who obviously still have feelings for each other.
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The Heart's Honest Truth by bixgirl1 & carpemermaid

Title: The Heart's Honest Truth
Author: [personal profile] bixgirl1 & [personal profile] carpemermaid
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: 16,000
Summary: “Don’t you think I would have gone to Pomfrey if I thought she could help me?”

“Then what can I do?”

“I nee—” Malfoy broke off with a soft grunt and a pained expression. He took a shaky breath and tried again, his voice wobbling. “Will you touch me, Potter?”

Draco is cursed to speak in questions. Well...Spelled, thanks to the stupidly improper archival practices of the fourth century. Harry Potter is there to save the day, but Draco isn’t going to give in to his help so easily. Fortunately, the method of saving might be more satisfactory than Draco expected this time.

Have you read this yet? This story is completely brilliant! So there's Draco who, in an interesting turn of events (and I really don't want to say anything about that because !!!!) is spelled to speak only in questions, but there's a catch, it's only in truthful questions. And it turns out that Harry is the only person who can help him in this predicament, which does not sit well with Draco because he sort of tired of Harry always saving him.

Harry in the meantime is barely coming to terms with him being, erm, interested (for not saying obsessed with) in Draco in a slightly different way than back in Sixth Year.

So now Draco has to ask for Harry's help (who is Most Willing to Help™) and he's only able to question his way into an explanation. It's all kinds of brilliant, this fic. And smoking hot, too!
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Flutterflies by jilliancares

Title: Flutterflies
Author: faviconjilliancares
Rating: Unrated (but I'd say it's NC-17 ^^)
Word Count: 14,600 Approx.
Summary: In which Draco becomes friends with the Golden Trio in first year and seven years later is hopelessly in love with Harry.
Content/Warning(s): Magical AU

This is such a wonderful, wonderful story! :D It's an AU, in which Draco befriends the Golden Trio in first year: back when Quirrel set the troll lose he goes to warn Hermione of it but instead he ends up trapped with her in the bathroom. Then the whole, "There are some things you can’t share without ending up liking each other, and knocking out a twelve-foot mountain troll is one of them" includes him. :)

And so we see them being friendly, a bit of how they are together, their interactions but most of all we see them in 8th Year, Post War, with Draco having all these feelings for Harry, and god, their friendship, along with Ron and Hermione's is truly brilliant. Seeing him insecure about coming out, more so about ever confessing his feelings for Harry. Trust me, this story will leave you with a big smile on your face. :D
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Flutter by shiftylinguini

Title: Flutter
Author: [personal profile] shiftylinguini
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: 4,900
Summary: Being back at Hogwarts is not what Harry expected, and neither is what’s going on between himself and Malfoy, but it feels good, and that? Well, that’s what Harry’s chasing this year. Amid the rebuilding of the school and the budding relationships of the other students at Hogwarts in spring, Harry finds that the flutter of change and the new feelings it brings are exactly what he wants ― and more.

This fic is just adorable! I mean, it's intense and wonderful. And it starts as Harry waits for Draco under the Invisibility Cloak in the Library, but as he does he remembers how this whole thing with Draco started and you can tell it means more than they are ready to admit, but maybe they are ready?

It's also super hot, it has this great mood of anticipation and excitement. It's completely lovely all around.
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Heat of the Heart by carpemermaid

Title: Heat of the Heart
Author: [personal profile] carpemermaid
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: 6,400 Approx.
Summary: Draco was recently bitten by a werewolf in the line of duty as an Auror. He'd been dealing with it as best he could, but then his first heat came on hot and fast in the middle of filling out reports with his Auror partner, Harry Potter. Luckily for him, Potter has a knack for saving his arse.
Content/Warning(s): mild dub-con, alpha/beta/omega dynamics, Omega Draco, Alpha Harry, mating/cycles in heat

If you read the summary you have a pretty good idea what this story is about. But good god, there's so much more. It's the way the author describes how Draco's feeling, the way he can feel Harry's scent, the way there's this need that needs to be filled and Harry is so earnest wanting to assist Draco before knowing what happening.

And god, once he does know – well, things get so much better. It's intense and hot and delicious and you shouldn't miss it.
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The Man In The Scarlet Cloak by bixgirl1

Title: The Man In The Scarlet Cloak
Author: [personal profile] bixgirl1
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: 16,300 Approx.
Summary: There's usually a better time and place to participate in seduction than the Forbidden Forest. Unless, of course, it's Mating Season. // In which Draco is sneaky but not sneaky enough, Harry is confident but goes a bit mad, and the Trees are either incredibly romantic or just sort of perverts.
Content/Warning(s): Face-fucking, hung!Harry, rimming

This is an absolutely delicious story, a very loose retelling of Little Red Riding Hood and let me tell you, at one point Harry's wearing his red clock and carrying a basket (later with flowers) and it's basically the best thing ever. It'll all make sense, I promise! :D

It starts with Draco being in the forbidden forest, picking up Potions ingredients (he's doing his Potions fellowship at Hogwarts) and in comes Harry in search of some magic flowers. Of course Draco is also very interested in these magic flowers Harry's after. And that they are both super attracted to each other, well, that helps, too. Helps a lot, actually, so much UST!

Then – god, you should just read it because then Draco's obviously hiding something and obviously Harry's got to see what it is and then there's hung!Harry and Draco gets sneezed on by a flower and goes mad with lust and – yeah, it's crazy and amazing. :D
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Home County by Seefin

Title: Home County
Author: faviconSeefin
Rating: PG
Word Count: 10,700 Approx.
Summary: Harry is an architect and the reluctant part-owner of his own firm. Malfoy works at The Ministry but doesn’t actually have a proper job title even though what he does sounds as though it’s pretty important. It would probably be harder not to become friends, when they have to sit through endless, dull meetings with each other, and skirt around some truly terrible weather, and deal with Harry’s irrational hatred of his assistant, and build thirty whole houses from the ground up in a wet field outside of London.

This fic is just delightful. :) As the summary says, Harry's an architect and Draco works for the Ministry, and the ministry wants Harry & Co (who is basically Cho and another Harry who is Harry's assistant, LOL) to built an entire complex, which they do, only that involves a lot of Draco hanging around Harry's office and Draco being cute and Harry and being smitten with Draco and Draco with Harry. *nods* Delightful, I'm telling you. :D
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The Man From H.O.G.W.A.R.T.S. by JulietsEmoPhase

Title: The Man From H.O.G.W.A.R.T.S.
Author: faviconJulietsEmoPhase
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: 20,700 Approx.
Summary: It’s 1968, and Special Agent Potter has better things to do than team up with a Russian. Even if the fate of the world depends on it, even if there are countless lives at stake. Even IF his new partner is the most handsome devil this side of the Iron Curtain.
Content/Warning(s): Muggle 60s Spy AU, slight sub/Dom undertones

This fic is just so exciting! :D Harry is a spy of Her Majesty's government while Draco is a spy for the K.G.B. and now they are going to work together investigating a new treat, Lord Voldemort, who has been abducting people, experts in their own fields for his evil plots.

Not very easy for Harry, getting along with Draco, as Draco (alias The Dragon) is not exactly talkative, but you know, after a too close encounter with the Lestranges, Harry realises they have far more in common than he first assumed (yep, it's exactly what you're thinking! \o/). They have smoking hot sex. :D Several times.

Super exciting! In all the right ways. :D
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A Letter From Mr Draco Malfoy To Mrs Pansy Parkinson-Zabini by lolneptune

Title: A Letter From Mr Draco Malfoy To Mrs Pansy Parkinson-Zabini, Dated September 21, 2002
Author: faviconlolneptune
Rating: R
Word Count: 2,100 Approx.
Summary: "Pans, let it be said that Harry Potter has never been one to do things halfway."

This story is just too funny. It's basically what the title says, a letter that Draco wrote to Pansy after Hermione's birthday party.

It's hilarious! I'm telling you, Draco's voice is perfect here. He talks about what people are wearing and about being attacked by flowers and of course, Harry. It almost makes no sense only it makes perfect sense. Awesome! :D
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Momenti Diversi by zarah5

Title: Momenti Diversi (at DW) or here at AO3 (Series) (locked for logged users)
Author: faviconzarah5
Rating: R
Word Count: 33,500
Summary: In which you'll find the Italian sun, some sexual tension, a reluctant Harry and a persuasive Draco.
Content/Warning(s): slightly AU post HBP.

This story is amazing! Just amazing. It's a Post War fic, in which Harry, in dire need of a break after the war, finds solace in Vernazza. He's been living there for a while; a happy, peaceful life, until this one day Draco – who is Head Auror by the way! – shows up and he's determined to persuade Harry to come back.

The characterisations are wonderful. We get to see Harry's life, his routine (he works at a Gelateria and swims naked every day in the ocean!!!!11!!!1) and he see Draco coming and knocking everything skew and being utterly charming and sexy while he does that. Not to mention, yeah, persuasive.

And oh my god, there's so much sexual tension between these two. It's pretty amazing, fun, witty and just wonderful.